Meet The C Dogs From China

Ever since the B Dogs arrived in the U.S.A., Together for Animals in China has been working hard to locate the next group of dog meat trade golden survivors. In a shelter located 620 miles NE of Beijing in a town called Chungchen, five goldens were selected and placed in the caring hands of a Together for Animals in China volunteer.

Once turned over to Together for Animals in China, the dogs were driven 620 miles back to Beijing where they are being given medical care, good food, exercise, and groomed. Carmine, Carlos and Cookie are the lucky three who will be making the trip to their new country on May 8th.  The dogs’ escorts are flying on Hainan Airlines, which will only allow three dogs total to fly on one flight. We hope to find another escort before the airlines stop allowing dogs as baggage during the Summer months.

The Girls – Cookie & Candy:

Candy captionsHere is Candy. She is about 3-5 years old and wasn’t chosen to come on May 8th because she was coughing and had discharge coming from her nose. Although she is much better, we decided to give her more time to recover. When Candy does arrive, GBR will need to address her inverted eyelid, which causes irritation to her eye.

Cookie captionOur next girl and one of the dogs to come on May 8th is Cookie. She is the oldest China golden to come over so far. Cookie is a grandmotherly 10 year old and is missing a few teeth. At times, her tongue slips out of her mouth where the teeth are missing.

The Boys: Carmine, Carlos and Curly:

Carmine captionCarmine, a 1 year old male, is coming on May 8th. You can see by the big grin on his face that he is excited to make the trip. He’s fun-loving, loves people and gets along with other dogs. Can’t you just image him on a dog bed in your living room?

Carlos captionCarlos, also a 1 year old male, has the same happy disposition as Carmine and also arriving in his new country on May 8th. Carlos has been heard talking about getting his first McDonald’s cheeseburger and Puppaccino from Starbucks. Don’t worry, Carlos, we know where you can get both on the drive down from Seattle to Portland.

Curly captionOur last boy, Curly, had a cough like Candy so is not making the trip this time. He is improving and promises to be well when the time comes for him to travel. We don’t know for sure but Curly might be a bit lame on one of his forelegs. Whatever it is, GBR will look into it and take care of him – thanks to our wonderful donors! Oh, Curly wants you to know that he is a 1-2 year old and isn’t sure how he got the name Curly, though he will give you kisses that will make your toes “curl.”

How To Make A Donation To Help Future Dog Meat Trade Survivors:

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  • Check: Golden Bond Rescue, P.O. Box 25391, Portland, OR 9729

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