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Bandy #2827 Needs a “Special” Forever Home *ADOPTION PENDING!!*

Bandy is a 9 1/2 year old golden mix, who is searching for the perfect home. He was surrendered to Golden Bond Rescue originally because his owner, who got him as a puppy, fell very ill and could no longer care for him. She loved Bandy very much, but rarely ever left the house with him, so he was never socialized or exposed to the outside world. This left Bandy a bit fearful of new situations and other dogs.

Bandy is mostly an easy dog when indoors although he is a bit anxious and needy. He needs attention (sounds like a golden!). He likes to be outdoors, but Bandy is probably most comfortable indoors. Bandy would love a person that stays home a lot and can spend time petting him. He’s a good walker/hiker and can do a few miles but isn’t overly energetic. He is a senior dog but very healthy. He isn’t comfortable around other dogs and does try to bark and lunge (mostly out of fear, as he was never socialized with other dogs). Bandy is not great with other dogs, but is fine with cats and actually really likes them.

Bandy does have a few peculiarities and one is that when he is on his dog bed, he doesn’t like to be disturbed. His current owner has found it best to just leave him alone and not try to pet him or anything when he’s on his bed. Bandy definitely prefers not to be physically directed, but he responds beautifully to voice commands and a pointing finger. He’s a smart, aware dog who just wants his intelligence and dignity to be respected.

This is a special dog, who needs a special home where he can be the only dog. We have so few foster homes that do not already have other dogs and we are struggling to find a place for this boy. We are looking for an adoptive home (or even a foster home) with no other dogs, who can love him and work with him. We have had a trainer work with Bandy for a bit and continued help with a trainer would be recommended (training notes will be provided). GBR will pay for Bandy’s first five training sessions just so he gets started at his new home on the right foot. He is a sweet, loving dog who would make a wonderful companion to someone willing to understand him.

If you think Bandy is the boy for you or you just need more information, please email [email protected]

We are excited that Bandy has a pending adoption!!!


Adoption Fees for International Dogs Will Increase…

Beginning June 1, 2018, GBR will be increasing the adoption fees for all international-rescue dogs. These dogs not only have the same or higher medical expenses as “local” goldens (about $800 per dog) but also additional expenses, e.g.  boarding, local transport, China’s quarantine fees, flight crate and airfare. Go to new adoption fees…

GBR Has A New Van!

Several months ago, a long time supporter of Golden Bond Rescue anonymously donated in honor of her recently deceased sister funds for the specific purpose of purchasing a new Ford Transit 250 XL van. The van was ordered and finally arrived from Suburban Ford in late December, 2017. After the purchase of the van, there was enough money left over to “upfit” the inside. We added a 3-person bench seat, a circulation fan and two shelves. The van is now able to transport up to 5 volunteers and as many as 12 dogs in crates (depending on the size of the crates). All the dogs featured on the outside of the van are adopted GBR goldens. The painting was done by John Stahr of Stahr Design. These dog pictures are not “wrap around” art, Folks.  They are original pieces of art, hand painted by John!

If you haven’t seen the van yet, come to our Annual Meeting (see above) and get a chance to look closely at the featured dogs and take a look inside. We think you’ll be as excited as we are!

Donations Still Accepted

Even though we exceeded our fundraiser goal, we will still accept donations.  The “supply” of local goldens needing rescue as well as those in China and South Korea appears to be endless. If you haven’t read about our work in China, please scroll down and let Ike lead you through our China Connection Project>

Ways to donate

1. Check made out to Golden Bond Rescue, PO Box 25391, Portland, OR 97298

2. Use the Donate Now button located on this page upper right.

3. Use this link: I Want to Help the Meat Trade Survivors

GBR Launches Huge Fundraiser

Hey, there! You don’t know me so I guess the proper thing to do is to introduce myself. My name is Ike and I’m a two-year old male golden retriever. You’re probably thinking, “What’s so special about him that he gets center stage on GBR’s web page?” Well, I’m actually in China and I’m one of the 51 goldens GBR has rescued and wants to bring over to the USA. They say there are forever homes in the U.S. for each one of us. I wonder what my family is like.

Since this is the largest fundraiser GBR has ever attempted AND the greatest number of goldens they have ever rescued at one time, GBR thought I would be the best spokes-dog for the job. After all, I am one of the rescued goldens. You’ll learn how I became a slaughterhouse survivor, but I have to warn you – it isn’t a pretty story.

GBR hopes after reading all about me and the 50 other rescued goldens, you will help bring us over to the USA by donating. All funds donated will go into a special account established for this fundraiser. In fact, if you want to donate now just use the Donate Now button located in the upper right corner of this page.

You can keep track of how much has been donated by coming back to this page. The Fundraiser Goal Thermometer will be updated at least once a day.

Let’s get started. We have a lot to cover and I don’t want to miss out on a meal. Stay close and don’t wander off!  Follow me…

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