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Our Virtual Giviing Tree Was a Huge Success!

Thank you so much for your generosity!

We hope you all enjoyed watching as our Giving Tree was decorated over the past few weeks. We want to thank all of you "Decorators" for your generosity. We raised a total of $15,780! Your messages of encouragement have been very heartwarming.

If you weren't able to donate in time to decorate the Giving Tree, please feel free to start off the New Year by using our Donate Now or Give Valerie buttons.

Who is Valerie? She is a female golden found in early December abandoned on a snowy street of Beijing. We don't know her history only that she was emaciated, had a large hole in one ear and a punctured bladder. GBR paid for several surgeries and we weren't sure she was going to make it. After many, many days on antibiotics and loads of TLC, she appears to be improving every day. If you would like to donated directly to help pay her vet bills and aftercare, you can do so using the Give Valerie button below.

Happy New Year to all you wonderful, wonderful golden lovers!

Lenny #2935

Help us give them happy and healthy lives.

100% of your donation goes toward the care of goldens like Lenny.

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