Rescue Dogs

2020 Golden Bond Rescue Calendars – Pre-order

For the first time ever, we are offering our supporters the opportunity to pre-order their Golden Bond Rescue 2020 Calendar. By pre-ordering, you are guaranteed a copy. Last year we ran out quickly and many of you did not get a one. The new calendar will be revealed, as always, for the first time at the Volunteer picnic on August 18. To order your calendar now, follow this link: CALENDAR ORDER

Zelda before

This year all proceeds from the calendar will go toward Zelda’s medical needs in China as well as the cost to bring her to America. We first learned about Zelda on Face Book shortly after she was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Together for Animals in China rushed her to a Beijing vet for treatment. She was covered with wounds that were infested with maggots, had severe

pneumonia and pancreatitis. With so many wounds infected and with such a high fever, we were not confident she would pull through. After spending many weeks in the vet office, she is now well and living at the TAC base waiting for her turn to travel. Don’t be fooled by her short coat, she is 100% golden retriever. She had so many wounds, she had to be completely shaved.


Deluge of Adoption Applications

We’re drowning in adoption applications!  The last several months have been exceptionally heavy ones for new adoption applications.   May and June set new records for those months, and we are experiencing real difficulties in dealing with this influx.  We are receiving over 50% more applications than we did just a few years ago.

What does this mean if you apply?  1) Receiving so many applications slows considerably our ability to process them, particularly now as vacations and other summer commitments cut into everyone’s time.  Our scheduling of Home Visits may be hit especially hard; we have a limited number of volunteers who do them. 2) The interest in any given dog will be all that much more intense.  When the number of applicants goes up, the chances of a family getting a particular dog goes down.

Our advice to you is simple:  Don’t put “all of your eggs in the Golden Bond basket.”  Do so only if you absolutely, positively have to have a rescue dog.  We will do our best to find the right dog for you, but demand is far outstripping supply (and probably always will).  We appreciate very much that so many people want to help rescue dogs, but we’re overwhelmed, and unfortunately, we just can’t open the spigot up and pour out more dogs.