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Auction Is Over


Thank you to everyone who participated in the auction. Congratulations to the 13 Winners!

To all those who won, please pay for your page/cover as soon as possible and submit your pictures. Before submitting, please review the "rules" below to ensure your picture meets the calendar's criteria.


  1. Only GBR adopted or foster dogs are eligible no matter the breed or mix.
  2. All submitted pictures must have the dog as the central subject.
  3. Other animals may be present; however, no people.
  4. Photos should be in LANDSCAPE format, not PORTRATE formate.
  5. All photos must be in focus.
  6. All photos must be hi-resolution of at least 1 mb in size.
  7. Short story of dog will be required.

To view the auction page, use the Go To Auction link below.


Lenny #2935

Help us give them happy and healthy lives.

100% of your donation goes toward the care of goldens like Lenny.

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