GBR Annual Meeting – February 26th, 10:30am

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s speaker at our Annual Meeting will be Natasha Dolezal. She is the Director of International Animal Law and Deputy Director, Center for Animal Law Studies, at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Ms. Dolezal oversees all aspects of the Animal Law LL.M. program at Lewis & Clark Law School. She is the director of the world’s first and only advanced legal degree in animal law and teaches within the Center for Animal Law Studies animal law curriculum.

For details and location, click here…

2017 Golden Bond Rescue Calendar

Front CoverOur new calendar is now available for purchase in our online store. Numbers are limited this year so you’ll want to get yours early.

All dogs featured in the calendar are either foster or adopted GBR dogs. This year’s calendar has a whole new look. Order yours today! Order here…

China Connection

We are so thankful for our GBR supporters who continue to donate funds with the expressed purpose of helping future groups of dogs who need to come from China – from the “C” dogs all the way to the “Z” dogs.”  As you can see from the fundraiser thermometer to the left, we have now received $15,504 in additional funds to help the future goldens from China. View Donor List…

So far, we have rescued from China:

  • Our trial golden: Ryan
  • Our A Dogs: Abby, Amy and Andy
  • Our B Dogs: Brad, Betty, Beanie, Blake and Billy
  • Our C Dogs: Carmine, Carlos, Cookie, Casper, Candy, Coconut, Coffee, and Cocoa (last three are Candy’s puppies)
  • Our D Dogs: Dolly, Dora, Duke, DeeDee, Dana, Dixie and Dave
  • Our E Dogs: Edgar, Eli, Ellie, Evie, Eleanor, Ethan, Eliza, Elvis, Emily, Erin, Ebenne and Esther
  • Misc. Letters: Morning, Jane, Oscar, Lucky, Max, Hoku and Iris
  • We’re waiting for flights for Candy’s other three puppies: CC, Clark and Cinnamon

Note: Hainan Airlines will only transport dogs if the temperature at both ends is below 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and the other airlines stop transporting dogs from June through September.

Thank you to everyone who donated.

You Can Still Help

Although we’ve reached our goal, please consider donating to help the next group of goldens in China. Any donation you make for the dogs in China will go directly into Golden Bond Rescue’s International Fund and will be spent on bringing dog meat golden survivors to new GBR homes. To ensure your online donation goes into this account, please use this link: I want to help the dog meat survivors…   Or, you may send us a check. For the address to use,  click here…

If you haven’t read the story about the dog meat trade golden survivors now coming to the US, please scroll down and begin reading.

China Dog Meat Survivors Need Your Help

Group picture 2 captionOver the past two months, GBR has been working with a rescue organization in China, Together for Animals in China (TACN), to develop a safe and economical plan to transport rescued dog meat goldens from Beijing to GBR. After exhaustive research, we now have a process in place but it’s expensive! We have four dog meat trade survivors ready to come to GBR: Billie, Betty, Blake and Brad, plus Beanie who was rescued from an abusive home. To get these dogs here and continue to rescue our local goldens, we really need your help.

In this picture, the dogs are in a shelter on the edge of Beijing, which is run by Mr. Zhao Xin Qi (pronounced Shin Chee). Along with Ryan, Amy, and Abby (already with GBR – they were our “trial” transport cases) Betty, Brad, Billie, and Blake were rescued from a dog meat truck with 60 other dogs. Beanie was rescued from an abusive owner who released him to a rescuer in China.

These dogs are only a drop in the bucket of the HUNDREDS of goldens who have been rescued from the dog meat trade and are languishing in “shelters” in China (more about the “shelters” in the Read More section.)

Please click on the “Read More” link below for details on our China Connection program and how you can help. Caution, the following pages contain disturbing pictures and videos taken during dog meat trade rescues in and around Beijing. Although these images will cause viewers distress, GBR feels that we all must know the ugliness of this industry in order to understand the extent of cruelty these goldens and other breeds/mixes are enduring and why GBR got involved. Read more…

If you believe in our cause and can help financially, please do so and help us get these dogs to GBR. Ask your family and friends to help as well. Remember that every dollar donated will bring these dogs closer to a second chance at living with a loving family.

If you wish to skip the details of these dogs’ rescue and would like to go straight to your donating options, please click here… You’ll also see individual pictures of each dog as well a bit of information about them.