Foster Home Application

The application is available for download as a PDF file and a Word document:

It helps us if you print neatly and use black ink when filling out the application by hand. Or, please type your application and print in black ink.

Please Note: You must fill out ALL questions completely in order to have your application processed in a timely manner. We are volunteers and when we have to call you to complete your questionnaire, your application is delayed considerably in processing. This especially applies to the FENCING QUESTIONS! We require a fenced enclosure and need to know the details of your fenced area. Please read our page on Fence Requirements for specifics.

Fees and Agreements

The required postage for mailing an application is approximately $1.30-$1.50. Please be sure you have the correct postage. The post office will return envelopes requiring additional postage, holding up your application.

Mail completed form to:

Golden Bond Rescue, Inc.
6140 SW Picard Court
Portland, OR 97223
(503) 892-2897

Our Foster Home requirements include:

  • Home Ownership
    Home ownership is required, however exceptions may be made with a personal reference from your present landlord. In addition we will need her/his phone number. We will be contacting your landlord with regard to your application. In your application, please include a paragraph describing the nature of your current rental situation.
  • Dog treated as member of the family
    Dog must be kept in the house and treated like one of the family. They are not to be isolated in a separate room, or left out in the yard.
  • Signed Foster Home Agreement
    If you decide for any reason that you are no longer interested in fostering a dog from us, please contact us immediately. We will remove you from our active list.
  • A fenced yard (Please read the page on Fence Requirements for specifics.