Fence Requirements

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon has three basic requirements with respect to fencing:

  • The yard or portion of the yard used by the Golden must be completely enclosed by fencing that is at least 5 feet high and which cannot be climbed or burrowed under by a Golden.
  • A fenced-in kennel run cannot substitute for a fenced yard.
  • An in-ground electric fence is unacceptable.

Each of these is expanded upon below.

The Fenced Yard

The purpose of the fenced area is to guarantee a secure and safe outdoor area for your Golden to get exercise. It is not intended to be where the Golden lives or spends most of his time. A satisfactory fence can be wood, chain-link or sturdy welded wire. A five foot or higher fence is required. (Exceptions may be made for 4′ fences; however, the Goldens considered for adoption to such homes are older Goldens or Goldens known by Golden Bond Rescue not to jump fences of any height.) If the fenced area for the Golden includes a gate, it should be a lockable gate. Security along the bottom of the fence and gate are important to insure that the Golden does not dig out.

The size of the fenced area should be large enough to provide the Golden with a comfortable space to play, get some exercise and fresh air, and eliminate. Shelter, shade and water are essential components for the area as well. If you are installing a fenced area specifically for your adopted Golden, the closer to the house or garage it is, the more convenient it will be for you.

The Home Visit volunteer will check your fenced area to insure that it is large enough and secure enough for a Golden.

Although our fencing requirement is a strict requirement, there may be occasions when we will would consider an exception. These exceptions will be take on a case-by-case basis. Because our application fee is non-refundable, please email us at info@goldenbondrescue.com before applying. Describe in detail why we should consider your lack of a fence an exception.

Kennel Runs

Kennels or dog runs are not approved for Goldens as they are, in general, simply not large enough to satisfy the goal of the fenced area: sufficient room to play and exercise safely. In addition, since kennel runs often have concrete floors, Golden Bond Rescue is concerned that the Golden(s) could be left on a hard surface for too long; Goldens with separation anxiety can even injure themselves by clawing at the fence and/or floor.

In-Ground Fencing

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon has had too many bad experiences with in-ground electric fencing, and has heard of too many others, to accept this as a means of fencing a yard. Quite simply, this fencing doesn’t work with many dogs, and even fails for dogs accustomed to it when the incentive (e.g., a deer, cat or squirrel) on the other side of the “fence” is sufficient.

A Final Note

Golden Bond Rescue’s philosophy is that Goldens are very social animals and need to be with you to be happy and well adjusted. We do not place our rescue Goldens into homes where they are “outside dogs” as we consider Goldens “family members with fur.” Furthermore, we feel especially strongly that Goldens belong in the house for sleeping. Our philosophy is: “If your Golden is not sleeping on your bed, he/she should at least be in your bedroom.”

Many of our Goldens have been abused and/or neglected and frequently come with emotional baggage. Through experience, we have determined that Goldens adjust more quickly to their new home and are much happier when left inside the house when their owners are away from home. We will not place a Golden in a home where it will be placed in an outside kennel, yard, or garage when unsupervised. Access from the house to the yard via a doggy door is acceptable.