Adoption Application

 Attention: Deluge of Adoption Applications

We’re drowning in adoption applications!  The last several months have been exceptionally heavy ones for new adoption applications.   May and June set new records for those months, and we are experiencing real difficulties in dealing with this influx.  We are receiving over 50% more applications than we did just a few years ago.

What does this mean if you apply?  1) Receiving so many applications slows considerably our ability to process them, particularly now as vacations and other summer commitments cut into everyone’s time.  Our scheduling of Home Visits may be hit especially hard; we have a limited number of volunteers who do them. 2) The interest in any given dog will be all that much more intense.  When the number of applicants goes up, the chances of a family getting a particular dog goes down.

Our advice to you is simple:  Don’t put “all of your eggs in the Golden Bond basket.”  Do so only if you absolutely, positively have to have a rescue dog.  We will do our best to find the right dog for you, but demand is far outstripping supply (and probably always will).  We appreciate very much that so many people want to help rescue dogs, but we’re overwhelmed, and unfortunately, we just can’t open the spigot up and pour out more dogs.

Note that Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon will no longer adopt dogs to families with children under 10 years old. Please see Kids and Dogs for specifics.

Please see instructions on the Before You Start  page prior to completing the application. Then please fill out the application online. If you choose, you may download the application, complete and add a separate sheet with any information you wish to tell us. It helps us if you print neatly and use ONLY BLACK INK when filling out the application by hand. Or, please type your application and PRINT IN ONLY BLACK INK.  The required postage for mailing an application is approximately $2.00-$2.15. Please be sure you have the correct postage. The post office will return envelopes requiring additional postage, holding up your application.


Standard Adoptions:

  • Dogs under age two: $450 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs two to four years old: $350 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs five to eight years old: $300 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs five to eight years old: $300 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs nine years and older and Special Needs: $200 + $35 microchip fee
  • Pairs: $100 off the full cost of the two dogs if the total is over $400.00 + $70 microchip fee

Beginning  June 1, 2018, our adoption fees for International rescues are*

  • Puppies up to 12 months old: $1,200 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs older than 12 months but younger than 7 years old: $900 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs 7 years old and older and Special Needs: $500.00 + $35 microchip fee
  • Pairs: $200 off the full cost of the two dogs  + $70 microchip fee

* The International rescued dogs carry a higher cost because of the funds needed not only to pay for their medical needs but also for transporting them to the U.S.A.

The application may be completed online, or is available for download as a PDF file:

Please Note: You must fill out ALL questions completely in order to have your application processed in a timely manner. We are volunteers and when we have to call you to complete your questionnaire, your application is delayed considerably in processing. This especially applies to the FENCING QUESTIONS! We require a fenced enclosure and need to know the details of your fenced area. Please read our page on Fence Requirements for specifics.

Fees and Agreements: Due to the effort required to process adoption applications for a Golden Bond Rescue dog, a $50.00 non-refundable fee is required with each application. Return Adopters need not send the $50.00 application fee with their application (Please write “Return Adopter” at the top of your application.)  When you have met the Golden you wish to adopt, and all five steps of the adoption process have been completed and approved, the ADOPTION fee is due.

If you adopt from Golden Bond Rescue, we require that you sign an adoption agreement. The adoption agreement is in two parts. The first part is a liability waiver — we cannot guarantee anything. The second part is our “terms of adoption”.

If you choose to mail an application, please send it to:

Golden Bond Rescue, Inc.
14111 S. Union Mills Rd.
Mulino, OR 97042
(503) 892-2897

Our adoption requirements include:

  • A fenced yard (Please read the page on Fence Requirements for specifics.).
  • Home Ownership: Golden Bond Rescue will consider renters on a case-by-case basis.  If you rent, we must receive a note from your landlord confirming that you are permitted to have a dog the size of a golden retriever at their property before we consider your application complete and will process it.
  • No adoptions to families with kids under 10 years old.
  • Dog treated as member of the family: Dog must be kept in the house and treated like one of the family. They are not to be isolated in a separate room, or left out in the yard.
  • Adoption fee as stated above (reduced fee for Senior dogs and Special Needs dogs).
  • Signed Adoption Agreement: If you decide for any reason that you are no longer interested in adopting a Golden from us, please contacts us immediately. We will remove you from our active list.