Adoption Process

  • We want to place each Golden Bond Rescue Golden in his/her forever home as quickly as possible. We have found that it is in the Golden’s best interest and YOURS to complete the following steps:
  1. Fill out the application form either online or by downloading the form and mailing it. Please note that we no longer place dogs with families with children under 10 years old. Please see Kids and Dogs for details. We also do not adopt to homes without secure fencing.  Please see Fence Requirements for details. If you wish, on a separate piece of paper include any additional information you wish to share with us on life with your other dogs, your future with your new Golden, the type of Golden for which you are looking and anything else that you feel would be helpful in placing the right Golden with you. Applications are carefully screened by our Adoption Team. Our goal in making a match is that your home will become the permanent home for the Golden. Because each Golden and each adoptive family have unique needs and circumstances, our placements are NOT “first come first served.” Our goal is to match our dogs with people; not people with one of our dogs.Once your application is approved, we will work diligently with you to place a Golden in your home. We appreciate your patience with the adoption process.
  2. If you complete the application by hand, please mail the application to the address below along with the $50.00 non-refundable application fee. Your application will not be processed without the $50.00 fee. Please review all adoption requires listed below and review Before You Start.
  3. After securing a reference from your veterinary clinic, your application will be assigned to one of our adoption managers who will call you within a few days to discuss your application.
  4. If appropriate, a home visit will be scheduled for you with one of our home visit volunteers.  Please note that a home visit is not automatic; some applications are rejected as the result of the initial phone call from the adoption manager. Please note that ALL members of your family (people and canines) MUST be present during the visit.  Once the visit is complete, our Adoption Team will review all your documents and decide whether or not to approve your application.
  5. Assuming your application is accepted, your adoption manager will work with you to find the best Golden that we feel would be a good fit for your family.  The dog’s foster parent will contact you to arrange a visit. We ask that your entire family visit the Golden, along with all dog(s) in the family. The visit may be at your home or at the home of the foster family, whichever is most convenient for both parties. Unless you have traveled over 2 hours one way to the visit, the Golden will remain in Rescue until after the visit. We ask that you wait 24 hours before contacting us as to whether you feel this is the Golden for your family to insure that you are comfortable with your decision. (Arrangements will be discussed with you if your travel time is over 2 hours.)  Please understand that if the foster family feels, after this meeting, that you are not a good match for the dog you will be contacted immediately. If this happens, we will continue looking for just the right dog for your situation.
  6. Please contact the foster home or your adoption team manager with your decision about the Golden within 24 hours of your visit. If you feel this is not the right Golden for you, please explain what was not “right,” to help us adjust our direction in looking for a Golden for you. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we’ll move on to the next family that may be the right home.
  7. Adoption Fees and Agreement. If it is the right Golden for you, our adoption fees are as follows:

Standard Adoptions:

  • Dogs under two years old: $450 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs two to four years old: $350 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs five to eight years old: $300 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs nine years and older and Special Needs: $200 + $35 microchip fee
  • Pairs: $100 off the full cost of the two dogs if the total is over $400.00 + $70 microchip fee

Beginning  June 1, 2018, our adoption fees for International rescues are*

  • Puppies up to 12 months old: $1,200 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs older than 12 months but younger than 7 years old: $900 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs 7 years old and older and Special Needs: $500.00 + $35 microchip fee
  • Pairs: $200 off the full cost of the two dogs  + $70 microchip fee

* The International rescued dogs carry a higher cost because of the funds needed not only to pay for their medical needs but also for transporting them to the U.S.A.

If you adopt from Golden Bond Rescue, we require that you sign an adoption agreement. The adoption agreement is in two parts. The first part is a liability waiver — we cannot guarantee anything. The second part is our “terms of adoption”.

We care very much about our Goldens and want you to feel free to contact us at any point in the future if you have questions after the adoption. Please think of us as a resource.

If for some reason the adoption does not work, our contract stipulates that the Golden must be returned to Golden Bond Rescue. Similarly, in the future if for any reason you are not able to keep the Golden, such as transferring out of the country, divorce or other circumstances, it must be returned to Golden Bond Rescue.

If the wait is difficult for you, and you don’t know what to do with yourself while waiting, please feel free to contact us in order to volunteer with rescue. We always need help and can find a place for you!!

Our adoption requirements include:

  • A fenced yard (Please read the page on Fence Requirements for specifics.)
  • Home Ownership
  • Golden treated as member of the family
  • No Children under 10 years old (Please read Kids and Dogs for specifics)
  • Adoption fee as stated above
  • Signed Adoption Agreement

If you decide for any reason that you are no longer interested in adopting a dog from us, please contact us immediately. We will remove you from our active list.

Contact us at:

Golden Bond Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 25391
Portland OR 97298-0391

Voice mail: 503-892-2897
Email: [email protected]

If you would like to adopt a dog from Golden Bond Rescue, please fill out and send us an Adoption Application.