If you have shared your life with a Golden Retriever, you have been blessed! If you would like to help others enjoy that same privilege, while helping Goldens in need of new adoptive homes, consider a bequest to Golden Bond Rescue.

There are many ways of doing so — they can be simple or complex. Some may require the use of legal counsel as state laws vary and not all practices are recognized in all states. This is particularly true when providing for the care of your own Golden in the event of your demise. Begin by putting contact information about your dog in your wallet in the event you are involved in an accident and are temporarily incapacitated. Leave phone numbers of those who can be contacted to temporarily care for your dog. Next, confer with your lawyer concerning the estate planning laws of the State of Oregon. If you have homes in two states, check the laws in both states.

Simple Will

I give, devise and bequeath to Golden Bond Rescue, a tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organization, the sum of $______ for their general use.

Codicil to Exisiting Will

You can amend your existing will be instructing your attorney to insert the above statement in your existing document.

Residuary Bequest

You can designate that Golden Bond Rescue receive all or a percentage of the rest, residue and remainder of your estate after all other commitments are fulfilled.

Contingent Bequest

Should any of your beneficiaries pre-decease you, you can bequeath their shares to Golden Bond Rescue as a contingency bequest.

Life Insurance

If your financial house is in order, you can relinquish ownership of your life insurance to Golden Bond Rescue and receive a tax deduction or make the Rescue a beneficiary.

Retirement Accounts

Golden Bond Rescue can be named the beneficiary of your retirement accounts.

Revocable Living Trust

You can provide a gift to Golden Bond Rescue through a Revocable Living Trust that permits you to change your mind should you develop unforeseen financial needs.

Charitable Remainder Annuity or Unitrust

Both are irrevocable trusts that provide income to the donor or Golden Bond Rescue named in the agreement based on the value of the property given.

Charitable Lead Trust

You may create a trust to provide income to Golden Bond Rescue for a specified number of years after which the principal reverts to the donor or the donor’s heirs.

Gifts of Real Estate

You may leave real estate as an outright give to Golden Bond Rescue to be used for their rescue purposes or to be sold so that the proceeds benefit their work.

Life Estate Agreement

A Life Estate Agreement transfers title of your resident to Golden Bond Rescue while permitting you and your spouse to live on the premises the rest of your lives.

Gifts of Personal Property

If family members have no interest in your ‘collectibles,’ you may donate your stamp collection, camera equipment, art works, boat, jewelry, etc. to Golden Bond Rescue.

Standard Adoptions:

  • Dogs under two years old: $450 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs two to four years old: $350 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs five to eight years old: $300 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs nine years and older and Special Needs: $200 + $35 microchip fee
  • Pairs: $100 off the full cost of the two dogs if the total is over $400.00 + $70 microchip fee

Beginning  June 1, 2018, our adoption fees for International rescues are*

  • Puppies up to 12 months old: $1,200 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs older than 12 months but younger than 7 years old: $900 + $35 microchip fee
  • Dogs 7 years old and older and Special Needs: $500.00 + $35 microchip fee
  • Pairs: $200 off the full cost of the two dogs  + $70 microchip fee

* The International rescued dogs carry a higher cost because of the funds needed not only to pay for their medical needs but also for transporting them to the U.S.A.