Earn Money for Golden Bond Rescue


Barking Dog is a young 15-acre vineyard southeast of Bald Peak State Park near Newberg, Oregon. It is considered a high-altitude vineyard site, rising from approximately 760 feet above sea level to about 1100 feet.

And what potential the vineyard appears to have. Full of adolescent exuberance, it produced gorgeous fruit in 2021 with the complexity, structure, and sophistication of more established and mature vines. Given the wonderful flavor profiles of the 2021 rosé, white and red pinot noirs, we see the potential for some exceptional vintages in the coming years.

For now, enjoy our inaugural vintage, and if your palate is encouraged by the clean, well-balanced profiles of our wines, sign up for a newsletter and come back to taste more soon. We don't know exactly how our young vineyard will mature over the coming years, but it's off to a flying start.

To donate money to Golden Bond Rescue, while enjoying our wines, apply the "Golden Bond" discount at checkout. While the shopping cart reminds the customer to consider designating a charity, applying the discount code is A MANUAL PROCESS! Please remind people to apply your code upfront. The only way to correct an omission is to cancel the order and start again. We don't have local pick-up arranged yet (hoping to have a tasting room in Dundee) so all sales will incur a shipping fee for the time being.

The customer will get a receipt that lists the coupon name (in this example Golden Bond) and indicates that no packaging fee was applied. Orders that don't designate a charity have a small packaging fee applied.

Zippy Charity - RopeTugz® Bear

Tug of war just got a lot more playful with ZippyPaws' RopeTugz® that feature the same 2/3" durable rope used in Climbers leashes! This extra-tough rope can withstand hours of tugging and play. Not for heavy chewing.

Feel good by doing good! $1 from every RopeTugz® Bear purchased will be donated to Golden Bond Rescue, a volunteer-run non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of Golden Retrievers through rescue, rehoming, and rehabilitation.

Zippy Charity – RopeTugz® Bear

When you visit the Gresham Ford Service Center or the Gresham Quick Lane you can ask to have 10% repair order donated to Golden Bond Rescue! This offer is mutually exclusive from coupons, sales and other offers. Donations are limited to $100 per repair order. They service all makes and models of cars, you don't have to drive a Ford to take advantage of this program.
Also, if you purchase any new or used vehicle, Gresham Ford will donate $100 to Golden Bond Rescue. Just ask your Finance Manager at the end of your transaction.

Fred Meyer has a special offer for GBR supporters who live in Oregon and Washington. All you need to do is to link your Fred Meyer rewards card with GBR. You will still get your personal Fred Meter discounts and Fred Meyer rewards but in addition, GBR will receive a donation for every dollar you spend.