Why Adopt a Senior Dog

ATTENTION: Beginning March 1, 2015, adoption fees will be increasing to:

  • Dogs one year old or younger: $450
  • Dogs two to four years old: $350
  • Dogs five to eight years old: $300
  • Dogs nine years and older and Special Needs: $200

Sweet Rewards

Sam Some folks think that there is nothing more precious than a golden retriever puppy. Goldens at the other end of the scale are equally dear. They are sweet, loving, and content to be by your side.

Are you a Golden owner considering a second dog? Were you holding back thinking another young Golden would just be “too much”? Are you a senior citizen yourself and need a companion? Perhaps you want a Golden but your lifestyle is more geared toward a “Golden Recliner ” than a rambunctious youngster. Please consider adopting an older Golden!

Senior Goldens are very adaptable and can learn to love again. They can (and do) learn new tricks and are much more settled than puppies. Golden retrievers can live as long as 15 years with proper care and veterinary support. Senior Goldens are often the best choice for individuals or families with busy schedules.

Senior Goldens still enjoy long walks, retrieving, swims and their favorite activity- being with you! The sense of satisfaction and joy that giving a senior Golden a new home brings is unequaled. Although you may not have as many years with them as you wish, those years will be full of sweet rewards.

Check out the Senior Dogs Project website for more stories of senior dogs and how they enrich the lives of the people who love them.


June 2002

SandySandy is doing great. She has shed some pounds and I brush her a couple times a week so her coat looks great. In May she and Newton went with us to Gold Beach for 5 days and this weekend we plan on going camping–just Saturday night to Fort Stevens. We took a trial camp in the backyard and Sandy just loved sleeping in the tent with us. I think Newton was a poodle is his past life because he would just rather be on the carpet indoors(he hates bugs). Newton and Sandy have bonded very well and I can see that Newton is happier.

Sandy is a very happy sweetheart. Whenever she wants my attention she nudges me with her nose — she’s doing it now while I’m typing. It feels like Sandy’s been with us forever. Our neighbors can’t believe how good she is. Our girl cat, Fred, just loves to sleep with Sandy. At first Sandy wasn’t sure what to think about Fred but now they’re buddies. Our boys just think she is one of the family. Adam was so afraid that Sandy was going to have to go back home at first. I had to tell him many times that Sandy was our dog and we’ll be taking care of her.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for letting me know about the calendar. I’d like to purchase one when they come out.

Thanks, Kathy




Rocky was released to Golden Bond at age 13. He was placed in permanent foster care, as we knew due to his health and age he did not have much time left. He was fostered by Marise and her gang of pooches. We are deeply appreciative of the love and care that she provided for him in his last months.

Robert Louis Stevenson in 1850 wrote, “You think these dogs will not be in heaven! I tell you they will be there long before any of us.”

Rocky departed on July 2, 2001. I will miss his sweet and loving personality. If you have the ability to foster an older Golden, please do not hesitate. It’s the quality of their life in those last few months that leaves them with such peace–not having to struggle through the neglectful or abusive setting of their prior lives. Open your hearts and homes and you will definitely find a rewarding experience.

Sincerely, Rocky’s Foster Mom

Dear Golden Bond Friends,

I would like to thank all of the individuals who allowed me to enjoy this wonderful life of friendship, love and support for the past seven months. Without all of the people who made this possible it would have been very difficult.

They call me Rocky!! WOW! Sometimes I hear the call, “Rocky Road” and I move swinging, and dipping, hoping my feet are still in place and sometimes I hear her say “Rock-Man” (I must be pretty strong here) and I chase her in the field , then I hear “THE ROCK” and I know I am on a roll! It’s nice to have someone share their impressions of my moods since some days I am really tired. When I see her my heart begins to beat a little faster and the I know that Rocky Road, Rock-man and ROCKY is who I am.

My last days were not too easy, however I wanted to continue to impress my new family. Emi Lou the white lab, Buddy (they call him the Butt), Toby – wild man’s Golden child and me . WOW! What a great group of loving and caring friends. They would wait for me if needed, run with me when I felt like myself, and then slept curled up with me when I was tired and sore. Its’ nice to have so few needs: except the one thing – love! My foster mom would sing songs to me all the time (she has no voice but don’t tell her). I knew she was really impressed by my majestic figure. Resonating through the air I could hear Cool and the Gang singing “Brick House — Rock man” for my endurance and strength. Then she would be singing, punching and hugging “Rocky’s Theme”. Well what do you think? There is one more song, sometimes she would softly sing “The Road is Rocky” and she would hug me.

There is so much to share with you about my 13 years of life. The most important is that someone, my foster parents, cared for me until it was time to say “Good bye”.

Thanks for loving me, Rocky