Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to our critical need for foster homes, there are many opportunities where one could volunteer their time and skills. Listed below are a few areas where volunteer services are needed:

Merchandise Manager. The Merchandise Manager will be in charge of keeping GBR merchandise stocked and will keep an accurate inventory at all times.  He or she will work with GBR's President or Vice President to determine what will be stocked and the amount to be stocked.  The Merchandise Manager will send items that have been purchased via the on-line store to the recipient in a timely manner and will be reimbursed for all postage. When it is decided that GBR merchandise will be sold at a particular event, the Merchandise Manager will bring items for sale to the event or make merchandise available for someone else to take to the event.


Meet and Greet Coordinator.  The purpose of meet and greets is to have our foster dogs available at various venues for the public, particularly potential adopters, to meet them.  The Meet and Greet Coordinator would contact and receive invitations from various venues (like pet stores, etc.) to schedule meet and greets.  There can be a Meet and Greet Coordinator for various regions; for instance, Central Sound, South Sound and Eastern Washington; Bend, Oregon, etc.  The Meet and Greet Coordinator would attend the event or find someone to be there in his/her place.  The Meet and Greet Coordinator would contact the Volunteer Coordinator to send notification to foster families, letting them know of scheduled events so that they can bring their foster dog(s) to the event.


Fostering.  Provide a temporary safe home for a rescued dog and to help it adjust and decompress from its previous situation.  As a foster parent, you would provide love, patience and perhaps some basic training until your foster dog is ready to be adopted permanently.  Fosters may need to take their foster dog to a veterinarian for needed medical attention (paid for by GBR) and administer meds as prescribed by the GBR veterinarian.   Foster families are so important to GBR, because without them, we could not help the dogs we do, we could not change the lives we change.  For more information and our foster application please visit Foster A Rescue Dog.

Flight Escorts.  Flight escorts travel independently to China or South Korea on GBR-designated airlines with the express purpose of returning with rescued goldens. Flight volunteer would meet the foreign contact at the airport at a particular time, help check in the dogs as baggage, and pay for the dogs' airfare (GBR pays this fee). Take the dogs through USA Customs carrying the appropriate paperwork (provided by GBR). Meet GBR representatives at baggage claim to turn dogs over to GBR.


Airport Assistant.  Typically a 2-hour duty of greeting dogs arriving from international locations.  Includes rolling crates carrying dogs outside and pottying, feeding and watering the newly arriving dogs.   You would be their first contact in their new life!


Transporters.  Provide transportation typically within WA, OR & Vancouver BC to move a dog to its new foster home, adoptive home or veterinarian. We prefer that the dogs (especially those coming from China or other international location) are transported in their crate.  For one thing, they're used to it and may feel a sense of security in it, but also because it will keep them safe when you enter and exit your vehicle.  If a crate would not fit in your vehicle, you would need to have a way to secure the dog -- like clipping its leash to a seat belt or something. We wouldn't want a dog slipping out when the car door is opened.


Home Visits. Visit the homes of families wanting to adopt a rescued dog. Conduct an interview and examine parts of their home.  You will need to have a dog that you feel comfortable taking with you on home visits so that you can evaluate how the person/family and their pets interact with a dog.  Submit your findings to GBR via on-line form for the ultimate decision.


Dog Evaluations. Visit a dog in a shelter or former home that is likely to be released to GBR and provide written feedback to GBR.  We require the evaluator bring a friendly dog along, to see how the dog being evaluated behaves with unfamiliar dogs (the volunteer’s dog does not have to be a Golden Retriever).


Writing Editorials and Articles.  Be part of a team to use your composing & editing skills to write articles for GBR’s bi-monthly newsletter.


To get involved with any of these volunteer opportunities, please complete our Volunteer Application and let us know your interests.  And thank you!


These are a few areas where we know we always need assistance with.  Perhaps you have other skills that we are looking for?