Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to our critical need for foster homes, there are many opportunities where one could volunteer their time and skills. Listed below are a few areas where volunteer services are needed:

Home Visit
We are always looking for people to evaluate the homes of the adoption and foster applicants. We do require that you take your friendly dog along on the visit.  You will verify the information that the applicant has provided on their application, answer questions they may have about Golden Bond Rescue, as well as providing the applicant with a face to go along with the name of our organization.

Dog Evaluations
This is where you meet and evaluate the dog being relinquished to Golden Bond Rescue.  In addition to confirming the information given via telephone by the relinquishing owner about the dog, additional clarifying questions are asked about the dog and the circumstances surrounding the possible release.  The results of this evaluation provide Golden Bond Rescue a clear picture of the dog and his/her habits, behaviors and possible medical needs.  We do require the evaluator bring a friendly dog along, to see how the dog being evaluated behaves with unfamiliar dogs (the volunteer’s dog does not have to be a Golden Retriever).

Dogs come in to Golden Bond Rescue from all over the state, and we are always in need of help with transportation. Mostly frequently, Golden Bond Rescue needs to have someone bring the dog from the releasing owners to the dog’s new foster home.  At other times, there is a need to transport the dog to/from Veterinary appointments.

If you have a knack for writing, we may put your skills to use in editing or composing the write-ups for the foster dogs that are ready to be adopted. We may also use your editing skills to proof-read documents that go out to the public.

Are you an event planner or just love to throw a good party?  We are always looking for exciting new ways to raise funds for our rescued dogs, and we can definitely use your help!

Public Relations
Are you comfortable speaking in public?  We can always use volunteers to attend the public events that Golden Bond Rescue participates in.  You might be asked to sit at our table or booth and to provide information about Golden Bond Rescue  Another possible project would have you working with various media sources to promote Golden Bond Rescue or to help monitor internet social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Computer Skills
Efficient use of email, Word, and the internet helps when working within our daily operations, but if you are computer-savvy and have additional computer skills, perhaps we could put you to use working on our website, updating forms and/or documents, creating promotional materials or videos, etc.

Phone Tree Calling
Efficient and professional communications are important to the success of Golden Bond Rescue.  Volunteers who help with our phone tree may be asked to contact our supporters with reminders for meetings, or to help with communicating Veterinary information to a foster home, or to follow-up on event participation, or to call volunteers or supporters back with answers to questions, etc.

These are a few areas where we know we always need assistance with.  Perhaps you have other skills that we are looking for?