Board of Directors

After Golden Bond Rescue’s reorganization in 1997, a board of directors was appointed and continues to maintain responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the organization.  Golden Bond Rescue’s Board of Directors as of December 1, 2017 consists of the following dedicated people:


  • President – Jill Groves
  • Vice President – Ginny Baynes
  • Secretary -Jude Fulghum
  • Treasurer – Laura Jennison


  • Jill Groves
  • Ginny Baynes
  • Jude Fulghum
  • Laura Jennison
  • Patsy Nolte
  • Kay Yates
  • Kelli Steinberg
  • Shari Chombeau
  • Bonnie Sewell


  • Dr. Michele Zawadzki, DVM