Please Help Us Help These Goldens

This page is where you can meet each dog as individuals. On this page, we will post the results of our special fundraiser campaign. Below the dogs’ photos is information on how you can donate. To return to the previous page, click here…

Brad caption

Betty SAVED captions








Blake SAVED aption

Billie saved caption








Beanie saved captionsNow that we’ve raised the funds needed to bring these five goldens to the U.S., our work is not over. We’re already looking for the next group of golden survivors.

If you wanted to help but hadn’t made a donation yet, please consider donating to help the next China dog(s) find a loving home with a GBR family.

To ensure your donation goes directly into Golden Bond Rescue’s International Fund, please use one of these methods of donating: 1) use our special “I Want To Help… donation page located in our Store, 2) mail a check made out to Golden Bond Rescue (indicate it’s for our International Fund) to P.O. Box 25391, Portland OR 97298-0391, or 3) make a direct deposit at any Wells Fargo Bank into our special account. Tell Wells Fargo you want to make a deposit into Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon’s “International Fund” account.  If you make a direct deposit to the International Fund account, please send an email to

100% of the money you donate will be used to bring dog meat trade golden survivors to GBR to find new homes and a second chance at life.

Total Donations Received as of 12/23/2016 – $25,5504!!!! Holy Crow!

Special thank you to all the donors led below. We couldn’t have helped these dogs without your generosity.

Kate Anderson              Pamela Lennon           Kay Stacie
Randy & Claire Miller   Anonymous (1)            Kathy Kamerer
Ruth McClinton             Jay MacAfee                 Sue Lefferts
George Mitchell            Jim Larsen                     Ruth Nelson
Mike & Ginny Baynes   Rachel Kowalewski     Berry Lacter
Sally Norby                     Judy Hemstreet           Sally Norby
Bree Thompson            Diane Mathews           Ron Schwengle
Cynthia Harrison           Don Stewart                Candise Elmer
Jan Stoughton               Tracy Meyer                 Roxana Saez
Judy Parker                    Sharon Gallagher        Alex Lacter
Mary Rein                      Gene Fredriksen          Yitian Na
Yvonne Chow                Lisa Hamilton               Xiaoxue Huang
Susan Magedanz          Christi Swaby               Autumn Kaiser
Edina & Michael Tien   Kelly Bilodeau              Ann Sylvia
Kelly Johnson                Duenna Ignacio-Kawanishi
Sandra Brown               Ellen Steel                     Sherri Jeschke
Helen Langley               Emily VanBuren           Sydney Bayne
Susan Mondon             Lyn Molstrom               J.A. & M.G. Riecke
Loretta Tse                    Jim Schwartz                 Becky Milner
Joyce E. Haner               Patty Illias-Mc Laughlin
Colleen Casey               Anneke Burgess            Hilary Wilton
Lee Ann Billings            Kelsey Lemman             Jody Maddox
Rebecca Kumpf            Louise Ruhr                    Justin Baker
Jude Fulghum               Patricia Duffy                 Marlene Meyer
Carolyn Dodge             Kay Yates                        Megan Maloney
Cyndi Hoxie                  James Leamon               Nanette Devlin
Mary Eick                      Carrie Fry                        Eldora Groves
John Swavely                Linda Wichelmann        Gretchen Brown
Heather Asher             Maggie Stock                  Bev Arnold
Katherine Toney          Deana Williams              Heather Jones
Jill Groves                      Jack Delaini                     Monica & Stu Soren
Kerry Wallace  &          Michelle Semmes           Patsy & Howard Nolte
Shelley Donohue         Charisse Charlton          Barbara Baker
 Joanne Miller                     Barbra Mahoney
Valerie Beedell             Carole Knapel                 Jeanne & Bob Spreen
Rodney Parker             Lyllian Breitenstein        Gwen McCarthy
Sandra Giambrese      Susan Berger                  Sonja Holthaus
Karen & Bill Whitney   Sharon Paige                  Bonnie Pederson
Lilian Hoyt                     Marsha Perkett              Jan Taylor
Chris Coombs               Mary Moseley                Richard Wadsley
Ann Dyer                       Nancy Stoddard             Jill Hall
Bonnie Dement            Allison Walker Payne    David & Deanna Lokker
Tom Mayer                    Katie Sucharda              Chris Feves
Tracy Sanderson           Marie Resnick                Judy Ford
Christie Leslie                Shelley Silver


If you have donated via the Donate button, check, or Wells Fargo direct deposit and your name does not appear on the donors’ list within a couple of days of making the donation, please let Jill Groves know at

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