The best way to meet Yukon is by watching these two videos. You’ll see that he is doing what he does best – play. Yukon is the lanky blond guy. He is loads of fun and very loving.


Hi!  My name is Yukon, aka “Yukie,” (#3225) and as you can see by my pictures, I am a very handsome boy, even though I don’t exactly look like a golden.  My foster dad thinks I sneaked into the golden line when personalities were being handed out because I’m everything you think of when thinking “golden retriever,” except for the look.

Did I mention I’m a puppy??  You know what that means:  I love to play and play and play, and then I crash.  My favorite games are chasing or wrestling with other dogs.  I and two of the dogs here play for hours; the other dogs are old “stick in the muds,”  but we all get along fine.

I am an ace counter surfer, although I mostly go after food or something that once had food on or near it.  I have a much greater reach than you’d think by just looking at me:  I’m not real tall but I’m pretty long.  So, “forewarned is forearmed,” okay?  Also, I will tear up targets of opportunity such as magazines and newspapers when no one’s watching and the other dogs don’t want to play, so providing me with chew toys or bones would be an excellent idea.

When I first came here, I jumped on folks and grabbed their arms in my mouth when I was excited. (Did I mention I’m a puppy?)  However, I’m a pretty smart boy and have been learning to dial that behavior back so I almost don’t do it at all anymore.  I’m very food motivated so training me will be pretty easy.  For example, I’ve been trained with treats to go into my crate (I think of it as my dining/bed room) when it’s dinner or bed time.  I sleep through the night, and am not much of a barker although I will certainly join in when the other dogs perceive a threat to our home.

I’m not crazy about getting into cars, but once in, I settle down and am fine with the ride.  While I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to walk on leash, my foster family thinks I will be easy to get to walk nicely, assuming squirrels and other distractions are minimized.

My foster dad thinks I am the epitome of the kind of dog many people want:  active when you want me to be active, and then calm when you want me to be calm.  I am a super sweet boy, and my fosters bet that whoever is lucky enough to adopt me will quickly decide that I’m one of the best dogs they could ever have had.


Sex: Male
Age: 1 year
Weight: 45 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted