We have had Yuki a little over a month.

He is such a love bug. He has two human siblings: Sabine and Sasha, ages 13 and 11. We love taking him for walks in our neighborhood, to the park and we even took him to the beach. He loves playing chase with other dogs (probably because he’s also part border collie) and is friendly to everyone he meets at the park.




We had a holiday party a few days after he came to live with us, and he was the perfect combination of laid back and engaging. We had so many people offer to take care of him.






I think the best way for us to get to know each other is by me first introducing myself. My official name is Yukon #3225 and although I will come when you call me that, I prefer to be called Yukie. I’m just barely one year old and live life to the fullest. I don’t ever remember a day when I’ve been sad or angry though I was nervous when flying to America from China.

I know my outsides don’t look 100% golden retriever but my insides are pure gold. I have lots and lots of favorite things, like my meals, treats, wrestling with other dogs, riding in the car and getting lots of attention from my foster mom and dad. One of my all-time favorite things is to lie next to my foster mom and have her gently rub my ears. If she would let me, I would climb onto the bed and snuggle next to her for hours. After dinner when everyone has settled in for the evening, I love to put my head in my foster mom’s lap and have her rub my head and ears. I haven’t met another dog I haven’t liked. I’m really good at two games; in fact, I consider myself an expert in chase and wrestling. I also like to be in my crate, that’s where I sleep at night. It’s like I have my own personal cave where I can go for naps or to enjoy a stuffed Kong.

Although I am excellent with adults, kids and dogs (big and little), I probably would not be good small animals like chickens or ducks that are allowed to roam around. The only cats I’ve seen are on walks. I haven’t tried to chase them but they look really interesting to me. When on walks, I can get focused on squirrels and cats that are running around but it’s easy to get me focused on other things and continue on the walk. If birds are in the pasture when I go out to play, I instantly will chase after them.

I’m not perfect because I am still a puppy after all. When my foster mom or dad come home after being away, I will jump up on them because I am soooooo excited to see them. But I am working on that and I’m getting better. I’m also working on learning to “sit” and “stay” when they tell me. I am also a counter-surfer. I just can’t help it! If there is something good to eat on the counter, it must have been left there for me.

What I hope from my forever family: patience, kindness and the willingness to put in the time to take me to lessons. I really want someone who wants to rub my face and ears every day. Also, I want someone who will take me on walks every day and to dog parks where I can run and play with other dogs. I don’t think I would like a family that would keep me alone all day in a crate. I just love to be with people and other dogs so much, I would be miserable if I had to be alone for hours and hours. Staying in my crate is ok when my foster family are out shopping or going to a movie or doing errands but I would be sad if I was in the crate day after day after day.

If you think you could love me, please let Golden Bond Rescue know.

NOTE FROM FOSTER FAMILY: Yukie is a bit camera shy so it’s been tough getting good pictures of him. He really is a delightful boy and is so full of life and love. He has a constant twinkle in his golden eyes and is always smiling. He will need some training to help him understand not to jump up on people. You will need to keep high value items put away because he has a long torso and long limps so his reach is impressive. As Yukie mentioned, we have left him for several hours in his crate and he has been fine; however, if you work full time and plan to leave him alone for eight or more hours, he is not the boy for you. If you work part time or full time from home or can take him to work, he would be your constant companion. He would be by your side not matter what you’re doing. He has been such a happy boy since the minute he came to us. Yukie does have some golden in him but it is his heart that is solid gold. Take a chance and ask to meet him.

The best way to meet Yukon is by watching these two videos. You’ll see that he is doing what he does best – play. Yukon is the lanky blond guy. He is loads of fun and very loving.


Yukon was adopted on December 19, 2019


Sex: Male
Age: 1 year
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Yes
Availability: ADOPTED