I adopted Weston on June 11th 2019 and it is safe to say that it has been the most rewarding and fulfilling decision that I possibly have ever made.  He had no issues settling into my home, despite my nervousness.  At first, he maintained a very mellow and lazy personality, as he grew accustomed to his surroundings and the new curiosities.  However, after day 5 or so, his puppy personality came out and he was fully comfortable zooming around the house and playing with anything that he could find.  He is now fully independent, has a sense of humor, and a very sassy attitude which everyone loves.


I quickly discovered that he was still at his core, a puppy.  Weston never once went potty in the house, and still has not to this day because he is very serious about himself and his home staying clean and dry.  Within a week, he was fully bell trained for going outside to potty and he knew how to sit, down, shake, stay, and come.  It blew everyone away by how much he was able to absorb after only a month in the United States hearing English.  I easily put him through two 6-week courses of dog training, which he passed with flying colors and he is now AKC certified.  Every day that I took him to class, he continued to exceed every expectation.  Weston walked well on the leash to begin with, and was never a puller, but now he walks on a leash very comfortably.  He also now knows “go”, “walk”, “bedtime”, “water”, “up”, “jump” and “kiss”.  My very favorite of his many talents, is that I named his plush toys, and I can tell him to go get whichever one I ask for.

To be fair, he still has a few things to work on, such as resisting the urge to gently mouthing on hands and arms, but, he has come so far in that one thing alone!  He also, still gets extremely excited to meet new people, and he will jump up on them in excitement, but this also improved with the training.  Other than that, he is still very much going through normal puppy behavior where sometimes he just wants to be naughty and tear up a napkin he got from the trash, and bite at your toes under blankets.  He is my little rebel for that, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

He hates swimming and bath time, but LOVES car rides and eating.  He goes everywhere with me and my family members.  There is one day a week when no one can be home with him, so he goes to daycare.  At first, Weston was very shy around such a large group of dogs (I am guessing from his past in China) but after a month he adapted to it, and it has been a wonderful way to socialize him.  He has no aggressive tendencies toward people, or other dogs, and I think this is a great way to keep it that way.

Despite how smart he is, the best compliment that Weston gets on our outings is about how handsome he is.  Which I couldn’t agree more with as his fur has grown in beautifully since I adopted him when he was shaved like a poodle.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have Weston.  I look at him every day and have a grateful heart.  I tell everyone I know about Golden Bond Rescue and how positive an experience this experience has been.  So positive actually, that I adopted another!  Weston was completely made to be my companion, and I love him so much!

Hi! My name is Weston (#3211). I am a very sweet boy.  I just arrived on 22 May from China. I am a Golden Retriever and I am 1 1/2 years old.  My foster parents tell me how beautiful my Golden colors are!

I have been living with my foster parents in Sammamish, WA since I arrived. I have become good friends with their Golden Sammie! I love to be around my humans too!

I get along well with other dogs.   I love to chase after balls and run in the yard with Sammie. Sammie and I love to wrestle and take long walks together with my foster parents. So I don’t mind if you have another dog.

I am very good during quiet time.  I have slept well in my crate, although I might cry or bark a little for the first couple of nights in my new home.  I would probably sleep well in a doggie bed too,but have not tried it yet.  I am housebroken, but I may have an accident once in awhile as I get accustom to my new surroundings.

I do need some more basic training. I have learned to sit and come, but I have struggled with jumping up on new people I have met and I tend to pull on my leash during walks.  I do want to please and am very adaptable to some basic training.

I also love rides in a car and love to look out the window. I will be a very good and sweet dog for my owner!

Weston was adopted on June 11, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 65 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED