Your Heart After You’ve Fostered A Golden!!!

Do you have room in your home for a dog like me?

Foster Picture Golden Bond Rescue’s Foster Team is working diligently to find foster homes for dogs that are waiting to come into our care. But we just don’t have enough foster homes for them. We can’t help these deserving and oftentimes sad dogs if we don’t have foster homes for them to transition into before they find their forever home.  We certainly don’t want to turn dogs away because we can’t find temporary foster homes for them. 

If you have ever considered fostering but are concerned about taking in a dog you don’t know, please rest assured that the dogs are evaluated by someone on the Intake Team and are tested with that person’s own dog(s) to see how the dog reacts. Certainly no dog is perfect and some dogs do have issues, but you would be informed about the findings of the Intake Team so that you can make a decision about the temporary fit of this dog in your home. The typical length of time for a dog to be in foster care is anywhere from 3 weeks to a couple of months.  Fostering dogs in need is a very fulfilling experience if you are an animal lover.  While it can sometimes be challenging, it is also great fun to get to know a dog, to see a sad or scared dog blossom in your loving home, and to help him find his forever home.  Won’t you consider opening up your home to a dog in need so that he or she can find their loving, forever home.  You can make such a difference in the happiness and well-being of that dog – and in the lives of the people who fall in love with him or her and decide to share their lives with them. Please contact Martha or Patsy to learn more about fostering or to join Golden Bond’s Foster Team. Send an email today to  Write in the remarks “I Want To Help!!”  Martha or Patsy will contact you and tell you every thing you need to know about fostering.

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