Hi everyone!  My name is Ugg (#3137).  came from China on January 16.  Wow!  Welcome to a whole new world!  I first went to a dogless house and I really didn’t like it.  I much prefer to have a home with one or more other playful dogs around.  I learn from them and relax a lot more when I’ve got a good buddy or two.  I like girls dogs for sure and boy dogs, too.  When I first meet new dogs, I have very appropriate manners.

Did you see my pictures?  I don’t look much like a Golden Retriever but I am a very cute little  girl.  I mean, check out my ears! Mom says that my ears are wrong for a Golden, whatever that means.  They work just fine.

I’m not a noisy boy, except when people first come to the house.  If they avoid looking at me, I quickly check them out and realize that they are nice.  I do need my space and my escape route at first, just in case.

I  saw the vet today.  I weigh almost 25 pounds and I’m about three years old.  I’m all up-to-date on my shots (ouch) so I’m ready to find my forever home.  I eat a little over one cup of food a day.  At first I was shy about eating and I thought that the other dogs must be getting something better than dog food.  Wrong!  Now I eat my own food first and then wander hopefully to the site of the really slow eater in the pack.

I’m too little to counter surf.  I don’t jump on people.  Give me a day or two to get used to you and I love to have my ears rubbed and a whole body massage.  I let mom trim my toenails but I didn’t enjoy it.  My feet are ticklish!

I love to chew – old bones, knobbly chew toys, other dogs in play.  I would also love, love, love to chase squirrels so I might overstep myself and have a good run at a cat, too.  Not sure what would happen if the cat smacked me.

Mom brought over her eight year old very dog-savvy granddaughter.  She didn’t look at me or scare me but I was pretty nervous.  I’d be happiest with adults.

I sleep in a crate at night and stay in a crate if mom has to run errands.  I would rather run free but those little treats that mom throws into the crate snag me in every time.  I’m quiet as long as there is another dog in the room with me.  I complain out loud if I’m all by myself.

I’m sweet but not demanding – usually.  I just need a canine buddy.

Ugg was adopted on April 9, 2019.

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 25 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably not; Kids: No
Availability: Adopted