We suddenly lost our gentle, sweet Stella to hemangiosarcoma after only having her in our lives for 10 months. Stella came to Oregon from China in early June 2019 with several other “flower girls.” When she came to our home in July, she was a fragile flower: slender, out of shape, with a dry, thin coat.



It was a joy to watch her add some weight, become stronger, and sprout the most amazing fluffy, thick coat! In our short time together, we enjoyed several trips to the coast (clearly a first for her), a hike to the Blue Pool, swimming at Fern Ridge Reservoir, and lots of ball chasing. She was a gentle buddy to the kitties, a warm companion to us, and a friend to all who met her.





Stella has been a great addition to our family! She came to live with us in late July after being spayed earlier that month. She has fit seamlessly into our active household. She gets a nice walk, including a fetching session, each morning, plus shorter outings throughout the day. She gets along well with the cats, likes to ride in the car, and gets most excited by mealtimes — the highlights of the day! Otherwise, she’s a mellow girl who loves to hang out with her people, her stuffed lambie, and her extensive ball collection.



She’s busy experiencing all sort of new things, like trips to the coast (that ocean is a bit overwhelming!) and walks and hikes in Eugene’s extensive park system. She also excels at helping with household chores, especially laundry. She’s a joy to have in our lives.





Hi, I’m Tulip (GBR #3208). I’m 5-years old and came from China.  There’s a lot to get used to, because so many things are new.  I was a pretty timid girl when I first arrived, but I feel much more comfortable now.  Life is much better here for sure!  I love that I get two solid, really good meals every day.  And, bonus . . . if I’m a good girl, which I am all the time, I get treats too!  I’m a very calm, quiet girl and now that I’ve been at my foster mom’s house for a while, I feel very comfortable and more trusting of people.  I love being petted and loved on, and I also like to just lay down on the kitchen floor and chill out.

I enjoy going for walks, exploring the back yard and I really like to retrieve balls and bring them back to my foster mom. But, I’m not ball crazy.  I just like to go after the ball for a short distance and bring it back.  That’s fun for a while.  I also really like to carry a ball around in my mouth.  My foster mom says it’s like my pacifier.  I’m not sure what she means, I just feel comfortable walking around with a ball.  I recently have decided that soft, stuffed chew toys are fun too.  I like carrying one of those around, or maybe dragging a towel around.  I just feel like I’m being helpful!  My golden foster brother has been a big help for me to get used to this new life.  I like to lay by him, and just hang out.  He’s taught me some stuff about being a normal dog and just relaxing.

I would really love to be in a home where someone can spend a lot of time with me. My foster mom works full time, and that has worked out fine, and I’m so happy to see her when she comes home.  But being in a fairly calm, quiet home with a family that is home more and would give me even more love would be the best!  I’m not a Velcro dog, but as I become more comfortable, being with my humans is really a nice, warm feeling I’ve discovered.  I really just like to be comfortable and relax, I’m not a high energy kind of girl.

I’m just waiting and dreaming about my forever family. I will be your perfect golden dream girl!

Tulip was adopted on July 24, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 5 years
Weight: 64 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED