Molly, aka Thelma at Golden Bond, was adopted by us in April.  When we brought her home, she met Libby, our 7 year old Golden.  Molly didn’t seem to have any ideas about dog rules when we got her – she messed in the house, but since we’ve been working with her, she is now housebroken.  We hired a personal trainer for her a few times, and that resulted in her learning her name, coming when called and paying more attention.

She goes on a mile walk every morning with us, and her favorite toy is a tennis ball.  It is almost like a pacifier to her – she often has one in bed with her.  She has now learned to hold TWO tennis balls in her small mouth – quite a feat for her.

Molly is a real sweetheart – a loving dog that has no problem with other people or with other dogs.  She hasn’t met a cat yet, so we don’t know about what reactions she might have.   She is extremely curious – checking out anything that we do – opening cupboards (what’s in there??), checking under plants and sometimes trimming one, etc.  She still has an itchy problem, but her hot spots have disappeared.  She is a beautiful girl and fits right in with our family.








My name is Thelma (#3156) and I arrived in the U.S. from China the morning of March 5.  My foster family tells me I am “sweet as can be, quite loyal, a quick learner and eager to please.” I love my people and love to be near them.  When I came to the U.S., I had some medical issues, now resolved, and was a bit fearful of unfamiliar things but I have adjusted well and am now a very happy girl. I weighed 33 pounds on arrival and am now a beautifully proportioned 47 pounds with a lovely soft coat.

I have a bit of an underbite (I hope you think it’s cute!) but my back teeth are aligned and I have no trouble eating meals. I am accustomed to having my teeth brushed. My foster family takes me on one to two walks each day and I trot along well on the leash. A harness might be good because I can pull a bit and cross in front of my walking companion but that’s really your decision.

I know “sit” and will always sit before receiving a meal. I know “down” and am learning “off”. I am sometimes a counter thief, but if you catch me in the act I will cease and back down. I was house-trained in the first two days of fostering and never had a problem after that.

I will take a shoe or a toy but only prance around with it, never destroy it. My favorite activity is to patrol the back yard for sticks and pull them into an area where I can spend time chewing; I don’t swallow them.

I would be happy with a big or small family.  I haven’t been around cats but I’m fine when meeting other dogs.  I never growl — I just wag!

If you’re looking for a dog to love who will love you back with all her heart, that would me me!

Thelma was adopted on May 6, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years
Weight: 47 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED