We became a family on October 28, 2018. Bella was in poor shape… as a lot of rescues from China are… malnourished at 44 lbs. and very sad and scared.

She surprised us by how in a matter of a few weeks she gained 10 lbs. She had entropion in her right eye and wasn’t spayed. She came into heat right away so we had to delay both surgeries, then 2  snow storms happened in February. In March we took a week trip so finally in April her surgeries were done and we are so thrilled as her eye is normal now with no expected problems. Golden Bond has worked with us through this and kept to their word.


We adopted Bella in January. She is still a puppy.. she was more like 18 mo. when she came so 2 now… not 3 as prior Vets thought. She gives us lots of challenges but tons more love. She loves walks, toys, running, sticks and being around people. We adore Bella and pretty sure she feels the same about us! THANK YOU Golden Bond Rescue and everyone who has been involved. THANK YOU to those who donated to this cause. It’s all such a blessing for these precious dogs! And for us humans too!

Steph was adopted on January 8, 2019