Meet Stella and Celie! These two mature ladies may not be from the same litter, but you’d have a hard time convincing them of that. Their foster parents tell us that they “are very easy to live with, completely housetrained, and well mannered”. They are affectionate and playful and young at heart.

The girls came from the Columbia Humane Society. Golden Bond Rescue reached out to the shelter and asked if we could help find them a home. Celie and Stella’s owner went into hospice care and could no longer take care of them, heartbreaking for all involved. They have been together their entire lives, all 14 years, so yes you can say they are bonded and to separate them would break their hearts and ours. The shelter said that although Celie does okay without Stella, Stella is dependent on Celie. They said that they are very accustomed to living in the back-yard lazing in the sun.  Stella loves balls and Celie just loves to be loved.

Left: Stella and Celie at Columbia Humane Society in the outdoor play area.

Stella loves tennis balls and will carry her favorite one everywhere, even outside in the yard. Sometimes she leaves it outside and forgets to bring it in after a game of fetch, but as soon as you open the door, she will run and grab that special tennis ball. Celie gets in on the fun too; she loves to tease Stella and will take her ball whenever possible and taunt her with it.

These ladies prove that age truly is a state of mind: they are active and energetic and love their morning walks. Their foster parents say that sometimes they get so excited when it’s time to go that they don’t even want to wait to get their harnesses on. They enjoy their walks together but have different approaches: Celie likes to step out and get her exercise, while Stella likes to stop and sniff anything and everything. They are sometimes reactive to dogs they see on walks, but they are learning to ignore the distractions and focus on enjoying their time with each other.

They both eat well and only take Cosequin for arthritis. They sleep through the night; Stella sleeps on the floor by her foster parents’ bed, and Celie prefers a dog bed. We are told they have free run of the house all the time and have never caused their foster parents any issues. Stella and Celie are the pictures of sophistication, and we have no doubt they will bring their enthusiasm for life, their maturity, and their joy to their forever home.

If you love older dogs, as I do, and you are thinking of adopting a senior companion, do consider Celie and Stella. Losing their owner must have been confusing for them, but landing on Golden Bond Rescue’s doorstep was a true blessing.

They are trained and ready to acclimate into your home and provide laughter to your day. No puppy chewing, no housebreaking, they are instant companions. Sometimes it’s nice to have best friends that follow you around the house and are just there when you need a little extra comfort.

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