Sophia came from China in the summer of 2018.  She was adopted by a family in Central Oregon.  Unfortunately due to family health issues they needed to find Sophia a “forever” home.  We met Sophia over the Memorial Day weekend, 2020.  We believe she is about 9 years old.

At first she was a very sweet, quiet girl, but seemed a bit sad.  We didn’t hear a peep out of her for weeks.  When she finally barked we were shocked.   It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with her, which resulted in a “failed foster”.

She was well trained by her first adopted home, but she was a bit over weight so we started a regular walk/hiking routine on the trails of Forest Park near our NW Portland home.   She has lost weight and has gotten much stronger, which has helped her hips.  We are healthier too.

We are working on her being less territorial with other dogs in her home.  We think this is food driven, and thank goodness she is all growl and no bite.   Sophia is always the first to the kitchen and last to leave.  John has a new prep chef.

She loves car rides to the coast, beach walks, but does not like to swim in the ocean. 

She has acquired a couple of nicknames,  “Thumber” due to her loud scratching at 7:00 AM, our wake up call, and “Towel Girl” due to her affinity for small dish and bath towels, which she steals on a regular bases.  She carries them around so proud with a quiet little moan.  We have learned to keep the laundry basket hidden, and the washer and dryer doors closed.



She has adapted to our retired lifestyle, she craves human companionship, and is a lover of all things food and stuffed.   We love her so, and are very thankful to have her in our home during this crazy lock-down year.


Brenda & John, Portland Oregon