Hello!  My name is Sonny (#3972).  I am a male, just under 3-years old, golden retriever weighing around 50 pounds currently. I am underweight but fully grown. I expect to fill out close to 55 or 60 pounds based on feedback from my vet. I get along with every dog I have met and am always ready for a romp in the backyard and playtime in the morning! I have not been introduced to cats or children full-time, but I am very curious and gentle with everyone I have met on my walks.

Golden Bond Rescue knows very little about my history. I came from South Korea where I was treated for heartworm, so I was probably in foster care for quite some time before my journey to the United States.

I would be happy to nap next to you while you were working then to play with another dog or go on walks when you take a break. I am incredibly sweet and love to be cuddled, petted, brushed out, and cozy up next to you! I can be timid at first, but once I know you are safe, I always wants to be near you and will follow you from room to room – like a true golden retriever!

I am still learning my basic commands but am quickly responding to sit and I understand “no” for the most part. I am a touch naughty with counter-surfing and chewing so it’s important to watch me until I fully learn what’s expected of me.  I love to chew on NylaBones and play with ballies (rubber ones I can chew on). I have been a pro in the car for rides and love to be outside where I can enjoy scent-sniffing and squirrel-watching.

My vet advises me that I am anemic and need to be retested in 3-6 months. This may be a result of my prior heartworm treatment. In the interim, there is no treatment needed. I am eating meals rich in nutrients to help me, but am not demonstrating any signs of anemia.

My foster family says I have, and I quote, “the greatest personality for a foster pup!”  I have opened up immensely during my time with them. I am always happy and want to be loved. I have the floppiest run when they call me which makes my foster family laugh every time.  I am always smiling and excited to see them!

I am hesitant with men and am startled by quick movements, loud noises, and any raised arms or movements over my head.  This could be a sign of past trauma so I need a family that’s mindful of how they approach me.  I have not become aggressive during these occurrences; instead, I am scared and retreat.  (My foster family says I am very much the cowardly lion.)

I will make the perfect addition to a family that is incredibly patient and loving with me on my journey. I think I would do well with multiple people in my home or with an individual that can give me tons of attention as I want to be the center of it all the time!


Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: a
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown