Hi!  I’m Sunny.  I’ve been in the U.S. for about nine months now.  I love my new family.  My family says I’m special because I can’t see, but it doesn’t stop me.  They’ve put pieces of carpet down near doors and gates so sometimes I just feel my way around.  I have to be very careful running around too fast.  I’m always hearing “careful”, “slow”, “step up”, “step down”, and when I hear “stop, stop, stop” I know to stop immediately or I will bang my nose.


I have two Golden Retriever buddies including one who only has three legs – he’s a Golden Bond dog too (GBR Preston #3017).  My nose is always working and I’m always tilting my head up to listen for treats.  I learned how to swim last summer and can’t wait to start swimming again. I have a great life because Golden Bond rescued me.

Sierra was adopted on September 11, 2018