Sasha is doing amazing since arriving in the USA and her forever home September 19th.  When we first opened the crate at SeaTac she was the one golden that sprinted to humans right away.  To this very day snuggles and cuddles are her number one priority- well, maybe number two behind food…

The first day she ate her food in a record 8 seconds- she still gets very excited to be fed but with the help of a slow bowl she now eats at a fairly normal speed.  Also, the first two weeks she walked us as she was very excited to move quickly to get to the next smell and see what was around the corner, up the tree or in the bushes.  With a pocketful of treats and consistent training she has made huge strides staying to the left of us and only pulling if there is a squirrel.  Hopefully one day squirrels won’t be so exiting to her but in the meantime, we will continue to train and smile at how one furry creature can bring such chaos!

Sasha completed a two-week training program where she practiced off leash recall, sit, stay, lay down and other commands. Right off the bat she was eager to please and quickly learned what action went with the words and hand signals.  Since she is food motivated it made training a much quicker process as she was willing to do anything to get a treat.

In the four months that we have had her she has been fortunate to go on several adventures and make friends.  Her friends Chloe and Colette taught her how to swim and run around at the dog park.  Her buddy Hank is her neighborhood friend, the one she loves to go to the baseball park and wrestle with. Then there are her cousins, Max, Abby and Lily who live on 8 acers of land which means lots of open field running for this fun spirited pup.

Every day we come home from work excited to see Sasha knowing she will melt in our laps with her butt in the air waiting for snuggles and ear rubs.  Sasha is the definition of a velcro dog, always wanting to be part of the action and sit on us when we are watching TV like she is a 5lb lap dog.  She loves to play fetch and cuddle with her furry stuffed friends Teddy and Ellie.  The amount of joy she has brought to us is indescribable and we can’t thank Golden Bond Rescue enough for all they do.  Every day we look at each other and comment how we can’t imagine life before her.