Earlier this month our handsome boy Sarge crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Sarge, also affectionately known as Sargie, Sargeman, the Barge, Big Guy, and more, came to White Whiskers Ranch (WWR) in April, 2016.  Little was known about Sarge’s previous life, as he was picked up as a stray in Springfield, Oregon, with no tag and no chip.  Fortunately, he was recused from the pound by GBR, who immediately recognized an exceptional dog.  At the time, Sarge was morbidly obese at 130 pounds, and unable to stand or walk.  His foster mom, put him on a diet, slimming him down to 115 pounds.  Upon arrival at WWR, he continued his diet and entered an exercise regimen, consisting of chasing tennis balls and lots of swimming.  He never knew this was work!

Sarge slimmed down to an appropriate sub-100 pounds and found energy he had lost long ago.  Sarge’s days consisted of morning walkabouts, afternoons swimming, and evenings napping.  He shared his new life at WWR with a pack of other rescue dogs.  Sarge was the quiet leader who seldom barked and asserted his dominance through a calm presence.

Sarge loved his extra-large dog beds and was fortunate to have several in strategic locations.  He did not simply lay down, he flopped.  When not pursuing tennis balls or swimming laps, Sarge was a constant observer.

Over time, Sarge began to slow down.  His fifteen year old body was simply worn out from carrying his bulk for so many years.  Gradually, it became difficult to stand or walk.  Sarge passed peacefully, comfortably relaxed in one of his dog beds.






Sarge is survived by his pack mates Rosie, Lily, Maggie, Cami, Buddy, and Sparky.   All of us thank Sarge for the many smiles and joys he blessed us with, and GBR for making this possible.

White Whiskers Ranch was established in 2015 to provide a forever home for senior rescue dogs, with an emphasis on Golden Retrievers and Dalmatians.  We focus on dogs ten years of age or older, who we find them to be well trained, socialized, and affectionate.


Rocky and Sarge

Sarge arrived at his forever home to be greeted by not one, not two, but four other dogs, including Cami Mae, Golden Bond #2092.  He was immediately smitten with these four lovely girls, one Golden and three Dalmatians all of whom are now known as The Fantastic Five.

Sarge is Large.  When rescued, he weighed 130 pounds.  His foster mom put him on a diet, getting him down to 115.  Continuing that discipline, he is now a svelte 101 pounds!  At 115 pounds, he had difficulty standing, walking, and could not dream of running.  Now, the newly slender Sarge chases tennis balls, chases his packmates, and chases butterflies.  In other words, he now is like a normal, healthy senior dog.

Adding to his fitness is daily life here at White Whiskers Ranch.  Ten fully fenced and dog-proofed acres, six lawns, among forests, meadows, and a stream to cool off in is simply a dog paradise.  White Whiskers Ranch is a senior dog sanctuary, providing all the nurturing, companionship, and care an old dog deserves.  Sarge particularly enjoys the early morning “walk-abouts,” checking out what has changed overnight and sniffing great smells only a dog can appreciate.

Sarge loves his custom beds and the endless supply of tennis balls.  He has met his Golden cousins (our sons’ dogs, both rescue dogs), and greets visiting dogs with his cool, calm manner.  Sarge likes to be brushed and is a classic “leaner.”  But be careful……those 101 pounds can easily push you over!Sarge etal

Sarge, Cami, Lily, Rosie, Maggie and Audrey and I thank Golden Bond for rescuing Sarge and allowing us to add him to the growing White Whiskers Ranch family.

Sarge was adopted on April 12, 2016.

Sarge’s Available Story:

Howdy there! My name is Sarge (#2668) and I am a very handsome, completely loveable 9-year old Lab boy  . . . if I do say so myself!

Contrary to my given name, I’m not the least bit bossy. In fact, I am quite the opposite — I just love everyone I meet (humans of all ages/pets of all types).  My foster family says I’m great on a leash and greet everyone very respectfully.  I currently share a home with another senior Lab (we share naps/old-dog stories), a 2-year old Golden pup (“princess type” who loves to chase a ball with me), and the resident cat (he’s a bit stand-offish, so ya just gotta love him unconditionally).

Perhaps the name “Sarge” comes from the fact that I’m quite a “large” guy. Hard to believe I was once 130 pounds!!  A vet friend has said however that I’m mostly a “big-boned” guy (gotta love him!) with a few fatty lumps/bumps here and there.  He does recommend a good weight loss program though as I’ve developed a bit of arthritis in my joints, making me slow to get up and down.  Once I get going though, watch out, cuz there’s no stopping me.  Love my walks and will happily chase/retrieve any amount of tennis balls you wish to throw (my favorite game!).

I am feeling more energetic daily with the 10 pounds I’ve already lost, but my new family will need to be committed to helping me continue my diet/exercise program.  Becoming a more sleek/healthy dude, along with my sweet personality will truly make me “the total package”.Sarge 2668

Note from my foster mom:

Sarge is indeed a sweet, gentle boy. He seems to settle quickly and easily into any new environment. I do believe in fact that his tail has not stopped wagging (unless he’s asleep) since the day he came into our home.  His favorite thing, other than ball chasing, is to just lie close to his humans, rolling over for the occasional belly rub.  If you look beyond his size (or maybe that’s just what you’re looking for!), you’ll see that he also has those “huge”, soulful brown eyes that seem to look right through you/melt your heart.  He’ll make some lucky person or family a wonderful, low-maintenance, loving companion.

Sex: Male
Age: About 9 years old
Weight: 120 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted