Sam came into our lives in June 2018 as F2A. We were lucky he was on the last flight out of Shanghai before the weather became too warm. As a rescue from the food-trade, not much was known about Sam’s history, but it was assumed he was ~2 years old.

In our first year together, we discovered he was a contortionist, loved playing with plush toys, and had a fetish for biting feet! Like most goldens, he enjoyed going for walks and chasing the backyard squirrels up trees.


He was diagnosed with bone cancer in July 2019 and had his front right leg amputated. He went through chemotherapy treatment and his prognosis was good.  Anyone coming to the house was greeted with a hug from Sam. Being a Tri-Pawed only made him a better hugger!


Sam absolutely adored his stroller, so much so that he would just sit in it in the garage, even if it wasn’t time for a walk. When he was out on a walk in his stroller he had the biggest smile on his face!

After being cancer free for almost 2 years since the bone cancer diagnosis, a spot was found on his lung; unfortunately it was not operable. Sam passed away May 26th.

Our time with Sam was much too short, but we believe he had a good life with us and enjoyed it to the fullest.
Thank you to GBR for bringing Sam into our lives and all you do for the dogs you rescue.


Liz and Bryan DiLoreto