Hi, my name is Rune (#3270) and I LOVE people.  I will let you pet me for hours.  My foster parents have adoringly described me as addicted to being petted.  I also love being brushed.  I wish I could be petted and brushed all day long. 

Most of the time I like to walk with slack on the leash and walk at a nice leisurely pace, but need to stop and sniff stuff here and there.  If I see another dog or a squirrel, however, I do pull and bark and they say I am leash reactive.  I am strong and I pulled my foster mom once and she was amazed at how strong I am.  She does use a harness to walk me, but I will still pull if there is another dog or squirrel – remember I’m very strong! Even though I’m strong, I’m not a high-energy dog, so a short walk around the block is more than satisfactory for me.  After my walk I like to just chill out on the floor near my foster parents and maybe take a short nap.  Did I tell you that I LOVE to be petted? 

I also like playing with my toys.  I will chase them and I like to make them squeak.  I will roll around on top of my toys too.  My foster mom says I’m funny when I look at her and smile upside down.  She says I have pretty teeth, in fact I’ve had them cleaned recently, so they should be pretty.  Before I went to my foster parents home, I had entropian (lower eyelid) surgery on both my eyes.  I had to wear a cone for 2 weeks, and even though I didn’t like it and I pouted sometimes I did fine, my eyes feel much better and I am super happy that I don’t have to wear a cone anymore.  It’s much easier to play with my toys this way. 

I follow basic commands well.  I know sit, lay down, stay, off, and quiet.  I always sit before my breakfast and dinner and won’t eat until I’m told it’s ok.  I’m not super food driven, but I do like my food and treats and take them very gently when they are handed to me.  My foster parents say that I’m a easy dog and pretty laid back.  I lay around the house, nap off and on, play with my toys, explore around the backyard, follow my foster parents around just in case they are doing something cool, if not then I just lay down and maybe take another nap, if I feel like it.  And of course, I like to get some pets when I can.  I ride in the car well, typically I just lay down and after awhile I doze off.  At night I lay down on the floor in my foster parents bedroom and sleep through the night, as long as I go potty before bedtime.

I have a history of having a high prey drive with squirrels, outdoor cats and small dogs (even though I’ve lived with two small dogs and I got along with them fine).  My foster parents have seen me chase a squirrel or two in the backyard and I bark at them when they get high in a tree, but I stop when told.  When I see other dogs walking across the street I do bark at them, but I stop when I’m told, although sometimes I forget and bark again or whine.  There aren’t a lot of dogs to interact with in my foster parents neighborhood, but since I’ve lived with other dogs and as long as they are introduced to me properly I will probably like them just fine.  There aren’t a lot of dogs to interact with in my foster parents neighborhood, and I think I prefer to be an only dog.  In the past I did live with two smaller dogs and I got along with them fine. If you adopt me I will need to be introduced to other dogs properly. 

Rune was adopted on November 15, 2019



Sex: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 95 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED