I’m Rue #3059. My foster parents say I’m the sweetest dog ever. I get along with everyone and everything.

I’m an adorable 11-year old Golden. I happily greet and prance with other dogs. I’m gentle with kitties and children. I dance like a puppy when my people come home or feed me. I’m not as spry as I used to be, but this old lady loves walks and recently completed a whole mile. I’m perfect on the leash. At 74 pounds, I could stand to lose a few pounds.

I’m originally from China so I have shorter legs. Stairs are  a challenge. I love car rides but need help getting in and out. My hind end can be slow getting up. As pup, I was abused and my jaw broken, so my smile is a little crooked. I recently had nine(!) teeth pulled so I have to eat soft food. Poor me, I have to eat canned food!

For the past five years, I lived with a wonderful gentleman who I called Dad. But he got sick, so I returned to Golden Bond Rescue. Oh, how he loved me.

My foster brother is younger and is obsessed with chasing tennis balls. I enjoy watching him but leave his toys alone. We eat in the same space with no problem.

I’m housebroken and don’t chew what I shouldn’t. I come when called and know the basic commands. I’m fairly quiet and usually only bark if someone comes to the front door. I love pets and attention, but I’m not annoying. I enjoy sitting on lawn or beach next to you and observing the world. At night, I lie on the floor next to the bed.

I may be the perfect companion for you.



Sex: Female
Age: 8+ Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes