I’m Rex (#3634) and obviously not a Retriever – I’m a Rough Collie through and through (though one vet said I have a Golden Retriever brain since I’m so affectionate and love people) – but I really needed rescuing from South Korea and thankfully Golden Bond Rescue said yes, they would help me! Boy, am I glad! My life is already much better, and I can’t wait to find my forever family to help me continue on this path of good living. Can you believe it? Two yummy, solid regular meals every day, treats, warm beds and a house to live in? People to love me all I want, friends to play with, walks to take every day, toys to chew on – I never knew life could be so good!!

I’m about a 2-year-old male, healthy, and quite good looking – don’t you agree? My foster mom keeps telling me how beautiful I am. She’s been helping me gain some needed weight (she kept saying she could feel every rib and back bone when I came even though my fluffy coat hid it) and build up my muscles. I didn’t have a lot of strength when I came, but I can sure hold my own when playing with my foster brother now! And I really enjoy 2-3 walks/day of several miles with no problem (we did have to work up to that gradually).

I absolutely love everyone and everything, and I want to meet and greet everybody I see – even in the bank drive up I try to get the attention of the people in the cars next to us! I like all the dogs I’ve met and barely reacted when I saw a cat walking toward me at the vet’s office. I walk well on a leash even though I can pull when I want to greet a person or dog. But once I get to a person, I like to sit in front of them and soak up the pats and love.

I was a skinny 53 pounds when I arrived, and the vet said I should be about 65 pounds – it’s fun to try to gain weight! I do love food so I never mind extra treats. I’ve figured out how to go up and down stairs (they were pretty scary at first), and I’m doing a great job learning about toys. I love to empty the toy box, and it’s probably a good thing my foster brother is tolerant because I’m good at taking away whatever toy he’s chewing on. We sometimes even chew on the same toy at the same time!!

I have a gentle, loving nature and would love to find a family of my own who would give me lots of love, exercise, toys, regular meals and walks, and maybe a playmate or playdates with other doggie friends. Anybody out there need a beautiful collie to join their family?


Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Adopted
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown