Reilly J Pym

Reilly is our fourth Golden Bond adoptee and our first from China.  She is an amazingly gentle dog.   We’ve never experienced such a mellow, loving Golden who gets along with everyone she meets and always seems to want to do the right thing.  She could spend her entire day being petted.  From day one when she makes eye contact with one of us, her tail wags.  Her goal in life seems to be to please.  She doesn’t like making mistakes – which she rarely does anyway.  But occasionally she’ll forget she’s on leash and see something interesting in the opposite direction.  Then, a gentle leash correction is all she needs and she seems to say, “of course, I knew I wasn’t supposed to do that, how silly of me,” and continues on.

At first, she wasn’t at all sure about getting into the car.  “You want me to jump, where?”  Then she was sure there must be a hidden danger in jumping out, “I’m in, it seems safe, why move?”.   But it only took a couple times.   Now she’s an easy, “in” and “out”.

Our Goldens have always shared our bed with us.  However, like the car, Reilly had no idea what we wanted with our encouragement.  This was even more foreign than the car.  About the third time she figured it out.  Now it’s part of our evening ritual.

We’ve taken her to our dog park when there’s only dogs we know there.  Someone, sometime, taught her to twirl.  Or maybe she learned it on her own.  She can be a real ham.

We’ve just introduced her to our special-needs grandson.  She was her usual calm, “yes I’d love for you to pet me, if you’d like to” self.  No jumping, no excitement, just her  sweet gentle self.  She is such a gift!  Thank you, Golden Bond.

Hello! My name is Reilly (#3107).  I am a five-year old female Golden. I arrived from China in mid-November. I was very tired when I first arrived here. I am now getting used to my new foster home, foster mom and foster sister. I love going for long walks and playing with my foster sister. I get alone with most of dogs I meet except I dont like dogs barking at me. I bark back but my foster mom says that I should just ignore them. I am learning.

The things I cannot ignore are these little creatures called squirrels. Oh, boy, I go crazy. I want to chase and catch them, bark and squeal at them. My foster mom is teaching me to be calm. She makes me sit and be quite. It is so hard to be calm when they are around laughing at me! Oh, well...

At home I am very quiet. I sleep in my crate at night. I dont counter surf or go through garbage or chew things.

Reillys foster mom: Reilly is a very gentle, sweet, affectionate dog. She could lose a few pounds but otherwise very healthy dog. She knows most of the basic commands and does well when there are no distractions like when she is in the house. She needs to be trained outside where there are more distractions. She would probably benefit from a basic obedience class. She also pulls her leash especially when there are squirrels around. I think she would do well in an active family who likes to do things outdoor with her and teach her.

Reilly was adopted on January 9, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 5 years
Weight: 64 pounds
Attributes: Dog: Yes; Cats No; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED