Smokie is a joy of a dog. With everything he has experienced in his life he has a beautiful personality and attitude. We’ve had him for about a year now and he loves to learn new things, go for walks and to snuggle.

From day one you would never know that he had been through the harrowing experience of being badly burned. (Likely this is due to the loving care from the people in Beijing and Golden Bond). He loves to go for walks and especially being told that he can go from heel to break, where he runs as fast as he can!

Nothing makes him happier than getting into a car, even if it’s just for a block, and then coming home and running up to the door. The ride…meh…but the coming and going are a BIG deal.

He makes friends wherever he goes, people, dogs, cats… you name it. His favorite people in the world are his dad Marc and his old man Aussie Shepherd brother Kedzie. (I come in a close third with Lyra, our cat). He spends his time making sure his brother gets playtime and lays on Marc’s lap to provide warmth and ensure that there is no easy way to get up.




We are taking a family trip to California for Christmas and everyone is very excited to meet him. Thank you so much Golden Bond for bringing this wonderful soul into our house. I will be eternally grateful.





This sweet boy is Quetzel (#3054) who arrived from China on 8/22. While in China, Quetzel was tied to his doghouse while his owner was setting off fireworks.   Quetzel’s doghouse caught on fire and Quetzel was burned severely on one side of his body.  The owner took him to the vet and then abandoned him.  Golden Bond Rescue agreed to bring Quetzel to the US and help him find a loving home.

Quetzel had several surgeries in China and now looks pretty good.  His one side looks quite normal, the other shows the burns.  His US veterinarian said that the skin that was burned extensively will not grow hair but the rest should grow back; some growth has already started.

Quetzel has a wonderful personality and much of his fur is beautiful.  If you are looking for a perfectly gorgeous Golden, Quetzel is probably not the dog for you.  If, however, if you want a real sweet boy, Quetzel could be your guy.

Quetzel was adopted by his foster family on September 17, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 6 - 8 years old
Weight: 56 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted