My name is Peanut (#3990) or Sweet Little Peanut as my foster mom calls me.  I am a lively, playful, and affectionate puppy with a big personality who loves all kinds of people (including older kids). I adore playing with other dogs as long as they are gentle, and I get along fine with dog-savvy cats (I mostly ignore them—but if they run, I think they’re playing). My favorite games are fetch and tug. I like to sleep snuggled next to you. My breed is a mystery, but I look and behave a lot like a Japanese Spitz (read the breed descriptions online to get a good idea of my temperament—and I have the breed’s dirt-repellant coat!). I’m under 12 pounds at 6 months, so probably won’t be more than 18 pounds when full grown. I am not what my foster family would think of as a “starter” puppy; I like it when you’re happy, but I don’t think it’s my duty to please you. My adopters should be willing to start slowly and build trust with me over a few weeks to get the best relationship (it’s worth it!).

I am smart and easy to train, and I think I’d be great at scentwork or agility. I do well on the leash (for a puppy) and like slow walks—there’s so much to sniff and look at! I am used to urban streets and like the outdoors.  I ride well in the car, and love to look out the window. I think I’ll be a great traveler, or even a boat dog (I don’t think I’ll be a swimmer, but I’m not afraid of water). I will bark to alert you to visitors or unusual outside noises, but I am not “yappy.”

I’m not destructive and am easily redirected to appropriate items and activities, but like all puppies, I need supervision. I don’t resource guard—my foster dog sibling or foster mom can take a toy and I’m fine sharing food and other things I’m given—but I like to “hunt” for my own little treasure (like a piece of plastic or paper, or a leaf), and can be cranky if you try to take it from me. Golden Bond has consulted with a behaviorist to make sure they extinguish that behavior in me, and I am making great progress; I’ll gladly share the behaviorist’s suggestions with my potential adopters.

I would enjoy an active household; I don’t think I’d do well being left alone for long periods. Being with a gentle and patient older dog is really great for me; watching me play with my 6-year-old Golden foster sibling makes my foster mom laugh – she says it’s hilarious.

I will do best in a family that will keep me busy and minimize opportunities for me to get into trouble, make sure I get lots of exercise and attention, and commit to ongoing positive training. In return, they’ll have a charming, entertaining, and cuddly little companion in me.




Sex: Female
Age: 8 months
Weight: 0-20 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? unknown