Hi Friends! It’s me, Owen!  Guess what?! I’ve been officially adopted!

When I first met my new family there was a lot I didn’t know. I was a little bit shy at first but quickly acclimated to my new home with my family. They taught me so much! I’m really smart and learn quickly. I used to be very confused by the phrase “go for a walk” but mom taught me how by throwing treats in front of me. It was so fun! Now, I love going on long walks with mom and dad. There is so much to sniff, to see, and so many new friends to meet! I always sit down when I see a new friend so I can say hi, even if it’s from across the street.

I’ve been working on my tricks with my family. Learning to sit, stay, and even pose for pictures. Especially, in my warm Christmas sweater. It’s so warm and cozy. I work hard to earn those delicious chicken treats! They are so yummy!

I also really enjoy bath time, getting my fur brushed, and getting my paws trimmed by dad. He’s really good at it.


At the end of a long day, I love cuddling with my family. They give great belly rubs and under the chin scratches. Sometimes, I grunt and smile at them to tell them thanks for all the pets. We sit and watch TV together and I take a nice nap. Usually after dinner they give me a delicious cod skin, my very favorite treat. They are so stinky and tasty. I love them.

These new adventures have been so fun! I’m so happy to have found my furever home with my family. I love them lots! Thanks so much for reading my story!