My name is Oakley (#4053).  My foster family calls me Oak, Big Oak, or Oakster the Jokester. I am just a puppy, and I am learning to play and I am growing into a sweet boy.  My foster mom says I am a big baby and too large to crawl up in her lap when she is in her chair, but I disagree.  I am not THAT big – I fit perfectly!

I love my foster family and I am fitting right in with my host sister (another Golden) and her cat. I love to play fetch and chew on my toys. I love to snuggle with my foster mom, too. I am a lap dog, after all, even as I grow. I love the company of my family and like to keep an eye on my host sister. My foster family thinks I would do best in a home with another dog (or dogs) that also enjoy playing all day.  But I would also do well by myself with someone who likes to spend time outdoors.  There is a neighbor dog that comes over and plays with my host sister and me in the backyard, and we have so much fun.

My host sister and I love to wrestle, but the kitty, not so much.  I do great with cats as long as they are “dog savvy”.  I like to sniff them and push them with my nose, to see if they changed their minds and want to play. My foster family cat is a big tuxedo and gets mad at me, but one day he will see how much fun I can be.  So far he has not been interested in playing and I am okay with that.  I still like him.  I would love to go to a home with a cat or two. Mom calls me a “button pusher” – I like to tease my sister and the kitty. I don’t mean to be a bully, but I am pretty big, and sometimes they misunderstand my joking nature. I am still learning boundaries, but I am a fast learner.  After all, I love it when my sister plays with me.

I am a bit mischievous when I play. I like to show off because I am much more athletic than my foster sister – so when Mom throws balls in the yard, I like to make sure I get there first! Sometimes I drop it so sis can get it, and snatch it back! We have so much fun.  I love all sorts of toys – balls, chewies, stuffies, anything with a squeaker! I take it as a personal challenge to see if I can make those squeakers vanquish! I have perfected the art of fitting two balls in my mouth at one time – I am pretty proud of that, because sis can’t do it.  My favorite toy is the one my sister has at the moment. I slobber them up good! I like to sneak into mom’s room and find things unattended and bring them out to show her what I found. Dirty socks, T-shirts, blankets, slippers – I find all sorts of stuff.

I take treats like a gentleman, sitting politely and taking it softly.  I am a licker, love snuggles, pets and kisses.  My foster mom says I am really nosey – Nosey Rosey is what she calls me. I don’t get it, but I have exceptional hearing and exceptional eyesight. If I see or hear something, I will let my foster mom know. I like to look out the front window or the back slider and watch people in the neighborhood, but I don’t bark at them – I just watch.  I am brave in the house at the glass door, but when foster mom opens it I get a little scared, so I let her check things out first, and then follow her in case she needs help.

My foster mom feeds sis and I in separate locations because sis has allergies and is on a strict diet – not me!  I get peanut butter when she is still outside (shhhh, don’t tell her). Initially, I wouldn’t eat all my breakfast at once, but once I figured out I had a window to eat while my sister was occupied outside, I started eating all my meal at once.  When dinner is over, my foster mom puts my bowl up so sis can’t lick it when I am not looking.  My foster mom thinks I would be okay eating all at once or snacking through the day if I am not competing for my kibble.

I am still learning how to be patient on walks.  I like to smell everything and take time to enjoy the scenery, but I am in a hurry to get to the next tree or bush.  I wish mom could take me for runs – I think I would like that and I think I could learn to be a good running companion.  I like car rides and have no issues in the back seat, looking out the window or taking a nap.  I love when company comes over to see me – I get excited and make sure they get a good opportunity to pet me and say hello.

I have not had a single potty accident in the house. Foster mom says I have a “big tank” and will often go outside and not go potty in the yard.  But I like when I get one last chance at night before we go to bed.  My host sister, the kitty, and I have been left alone for short periods of time and I have never gotten in trouble.  When foster mom has to be gone for several hours I wait patiently in my kennel for her to get home.  I know she will have a treat for me if I am good.

Please come see me! I can’t wait to find my forever family. I am a big, sweet boy that needs love and understanding. I know how to sit, lay down and stay and with a little training I could learn all sorts of things. I really need someone or some family to love me.  I am still a puppy at heart and want to learn and become part of a family – give me a chance and I will show you how good I can be!



Sex: Male
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Meeting a family
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? unknown