My name is Muncy (#3571).  My foster family tells me I am a fabulous dog. My life started out rough as a street dog in Mexico but I now have my passport and have learned a second language.  I am currently crashing on my foster family’s couch until my forever family finds me!

I am young, energetic and love to play with other  dogs – small or large, it doesn’t matter to me!  I’m curious and interested in cats but am good about leaving them alone to do their own thing. I’m a little suspicious of new people but if they have a few treats in their hands to share, I will readily accept them into my life. During Thanksgiving, I did a little barking but quickly accepted all the guests and did the rounds for love.

I am very interested in food, not having had an adequate amount for the first part of my life, but have not counter-surfed nor taken any food not offered to me at my foster home. I will, however, sit quietly in front of someone and stare at them with my beautiful blue eyes trying my Jedi mind tricks to convince them to give me food off their plate. I can get a little possessive of food so am fed apart from my foster brothers. I sit fabulously for treats and am learning to take them more gently.

While I like attention from my people, I’m also very content to hang outside and chill in the cool air,  sometimes digging holes for fun. Treats have encouraged me to come inside more often and to come when called. I have learned to enjoy my crate, “crating up” for meals, for bedtime and whenever my foster family has to leave the house.

I sleep easily through the night and will settle back down with a few words if I get restless. As a former street dog, I do need some help with the “pet” language.  For example, I need help remembering to anticipate adventure with a leash, to trust that I won’t be hungry again, and that humans are a good source of joy so I should come when called, etc.

My foster family thinks I will make a fabulous companion dog, one who would love to go on adventures with my new family.

Sex: Male
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Adopted
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? unknown