Murphy 3/25/2007-2/6/2020

With the deepest sorrow and broken hearts, we want to share our Beautiful Murphy (formerly Monte # 1872) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on February 6, 2020 in Auburn, WA. He was an incredible Golden, so loving, patient, loyal, and compassionate to all who ever met him! Our grandchildren loved him, the neighborhood kids loved him, our cat Molly adored him, and we cherished every day we had with our Big Boy, Murphy!

Murphy adored toys and carried two or three with him wherever he went and piled them up near him to sleep. He loved to fetch, take walks, and was very athletic as a younger boy. His joy was simply being with you, no matter what you were doing!

We adopted Murphy at the age of two from Golden Bond Rescue on 4/22/2009 and had nearly eleven great years with him! He was our treasure! We miss him everyday and pray that he is frolicking in Heaven!

We are deeply grateful to Golden Bond Rescue for the excellent work you do to find loving homes for the Best Dogs in the World, Golden Retrievers!





Adopted April 22, 2009

1872_monty_1Murphy (formerly Monty #1872) is amazing, and we love him dearly! We are blessed that we were chosen to meet him on April 16, and knew within moments that he was the right Golden for us! We adopted our Gentle Giant on April 19, and he immediately adjusted to our home, our cat McKenzie, and our routine. We call him a Gentle Giant as he weighs in at 85#’s, has extremely long legs, and is very strong; yet he is gentle and minds well!

He loves to be loved, enjoys daily walks, and is very coordinated at playing  with toys. He is so fun to watch, as he can have a stuffed toy and a ball in his mouth, and bat around another ball with his front paws. Murphy loves to retrieve balls in our backyard, yet is wonderful at entertaining himself when we are working in the yard or house. Everyone who sees him admires him, as he is such a handsome, friendly fellow. In short we adore him! Thanks Golden Bond for this marvelous experience. We would recommend adoption to our friends and family based on our great experience!


Hi, my name is Murphy (formerly Monty #1872) and I was adopted in April. I live with my forever parents, Bob & Sue Busse, and my good friend McKenzie, a Mainecoon Cat in Auburn, WA. As you can see by my photos, I am  beautiful, athletic, fun loving, and focused! I am told everyday how well  behaved I am, and how much I am loved!

MonteA few of my favorite activities are  taking daily walks, playing fetch, playing with many new indoor toys, and  being petted and loved! I really am a handsome guy with long legs and I am quite coordinated at batting balls and toys between my legs, as a source of self entertainment, while keeping at least one if not two toys in my mouth! At the age of 2, I am well mannered and can be trusted to be left alone in the house for short times! Everyday I am getting lots of exercise, and I really heel well on a leash, while being friendly to people and dogs I meet on our walks! The kids in the neighborhood love me, but my parents have really made me comfortable, and I quickly adjusted to my new home and routine! I really love it here, and I know my previous owner did the right thing for both of us giving me up for adoption. Thanks to my foster Mom, Julie, for picking Bob & Sue to meet me; they are really grateful!

Love,  Murphy