When I picked Max he weighed 106 LBS!!  I was told he came from a home where attention to him was minimal if any.  He has been a challenge, but has been learning bit by bit.  I don’t think he had ever received any level of formal training as a young dog.

He was very anxious at first.  I was fortunate to be able to have him with me at work for over 5 weeks, so that he was never left alone during the change of homes. He went out with me wood cutting the very next week after adoption, and it was obvious he had never been out in the forest!  He was enthralled with all the sights and smells but was most secure in the cab of the PU truck and even there, always wanted to have me in sight!

We went camping for the July 4th weekend and Max loved watching the Fireworks display!  Totally unexcited, but loved watching them!  Sorry I won’t disclose the remote small town location where we were… too many folks have discovered it already!

He learned how to swim by accident in the river where we were.  He had been reluctant to get past paw depth until we walked in the shallows and when he followed me back towards the main shoreline he inadvertently went into a deep hole and found out that swimming (by instinct) wasn’t so bad after all!  He’s turned into a “water magnet”! Here he is asleep between sections of white water!

After a few more weeks at work we departed for three full weeks of vacation.  Camped the whole time, hiking, swimming (almost daily), fetching and retrieving and constantly learning about wild critters and other dogs and people.  He loved it all!  Visiting three National Forests, 6 lakes three rivers and one oversized creek with his favorite deep swimming hole to “undust” in after a long day hike into a wilderness area.

Max continues to learn (so do I…) and he has learned to love his doggy door into the 1/2 acre back yard where he loves to run and play.

Max was adopted on July 16, 2019