Hi!  I’m Maverick (#3956), a creamy blond energetic year old golden retriever.  I love cuddling with my peeps but also wrestling with wild abandon with other dogs willing to wrestle with me. Sometimes my foster family dog tells me “not now” with a growl and that’s cool.  I need regular walks, ball play, and interaction with another family dog or I’ll find my own “fun”.  Somehow my peeps don’t always see eye to eye with me on that sort of “fun”.

I know lots of good stuff – I sit well, come when called, and understand the word “no” when I am getting into some mischief (who me?). I enjoy walks on a leash, don’t pull, but am sometimes mouthy with the leash.  There is so much to see and sniff sometimes I get focused on that.  When I see flying bugs, bees, birds, and even squirrels… I like to go chase them.  It’s fun!  Car rides are a good time too for me.  Zoom!

In the house, I am learning I should stay calm when my peeps come home or someone new arrives, but I can’t help getting whiny and wiggly and then jump up to say a BIG HELLO.  I am finding maybe this isn’t a good way to greet humans and am learning to sit instead (oh but I so want to jump up). Oh and when I notice food on the counter, when my peeps aren’t watching I like to take some samples.  In the backyard, well, gosh! There’s so much to do.  If I get bored, I like digging holes, eating leaves, grass or sticks.  But if you throw the ball for me, I will chase it down and bring it back so let’s do that…a lot.    After some good play and walks, I’m happy to bask in the sun, or snooze in the living room.

I came to be fostered because I was severely underweight (30 pounds). I also had to an injury to my jaw that meant I just couldn’t bring myself to eat dog food or much of anything else.  After a few weeks, when my foster peeps found lots of creative food options (can you say oatmeal, apples, peas, peanut butter, cheese…cheerios?), I started to gain weight. My jaw healed and I got some nice B12 shots to perk me up. Now I eat regular dog food and am nearly at my healthy weight (over 45 pounds – oh yeah!). I am also full of energy now too! I know I’m about a year old but am making up for lost puppyhood time with high puppy energy! When my peeps leave, if my other buddy dog is home and I’ve had some exercise, I whine a bit, but then settle down.  If I am home alone, haven’t gotten any exercise, I don’t like it and may chew on stuff.

My best forever family would be people who are enthusiastic about helping me learn and who can take me on one or two daily 30 minute walks and play with balls (or more… who knows?). I also need a fenced yard to run around in with another dog who would enjoy being my buddy and could help me stay calm when my peeps leave.  Also, my family should be comfortable with me keeping them in sight, as I love to be in the room with them. I love people and like cuddling with every new person I meet, as long as they let me know they have a bit of puppy love in their heart. For non-dog folks I just wag my tail and smile as they saunter by.

But what’s not to love about me? 😊


Sex: Male
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown