We saw Lucy on the GBR website in October and immediately felt she’d be a good addition to our family. We’d just lost our 14 year old Golden boy and our remaining girl was lonely.

We were so right—Lucy is a happy, loving, clumsy and goofy Golden girl!  She bonded with our other Golden right away and settled into our home as if it had always been hers.

Having her is not without challenges given her idiopathic epilepsy. She’s had a few pretty rough patches. But we’re hopeful that we and her canine neurologist will be able to manage her seizures medically while preserving her quality of life. We can’t be sure what the future holds for Lucy, but she’ll always have a home with us. Even with her special needs, we feel that we hit the rescue jackpot!




Hello.  My name is Lucy (#3248).  I consider myself to be very affectionate and people-focused—I want to be with my family and my tail is always moving.  I have energy and love to play with people or other dogs of comparable size.  In the house, I have very good manners—I haven’t had any accidents or chewed up any pillows.  When I’m tired, I flop down with a thud but may roll over on my back with a toy in my from legs and talk about it.   (I’ve watched Scooby-Doo on TV and I can talk like him.)  When you put me in my crate, I will complain but I stop quickly and curl up; when you return, I sit quietly in the crate until you open the gate and then I’m very happy to see you.

I love to go in the car—open the door and I’ll jump right in—and I have not thrown up.  At meal time, I sit and wait for my bowl.  I have not displayed any guarding behaviors.   I don’t get up on the bed, but I’d like to. At night, I get in my bed and sleep without incident.  Right now, I am sitting under my foster’s desk, wrapped around the desk chair, and with my head on her feet.

I am very attracted to cats and rodent-like pets: I have pursued the resident dog-savvy kitty in my foster home with great energy; it’s my only trigger for barking inside.  Sometimes I just walk by the kitty and ignore her altogether, but other times I feel I must address her.  I get along fine with the 15-lb. terriers and the elderly Golden in my foster home.

Outside, I’m almost always excellent on a leash—I walk close and don’t tug.  I do try to drink from every puddle and may tug if I see new people or a squirrel.  When in the fenced-in back yard, I potty, return to the stoop, and curl up…unlike the terriers, who are at the gate and barking at every human, car, bird, or falling leaf.  I have behaved very well in public (vet’s office, seminar).

When offered a treat, I take it gently 90% of the time; te other 10% of the time, I am working on remembering that fingers are not part of the treat.  When playing, I can get a little mouthy but this has decreased with training.  I sit and come on command but could benefit from a bit more training and a committed family.

I have a medical issue common to many GR’s: I’ve had several seizures in the past but am now on medication and have been seizure-free for more than a month.  I get pills in the morning and evening; should I have an episode, a prescribed nasal spray helps limit the seizure’s duration.  There have been no observed side effects from the seizures or from the medications.  My new owner will have to commit to covering the cost of the medication and working with a veterinarian to monitor my health and medications to ensure I remain seizure-free and healthy.

My ideal home won’t have cats but will have a canine playmate.  While I’ve been friendly to everybody I’ve met, I might have too much energy for a household with small children.  I need stimulation: a daily walk of a mile or more tires me out and helps get rid of a few extra pounds I carry.

My foster family considers my seizures to be a managed medical condition but my prey drive is a disqualifier for me there—the kitty was there first.  I believe I will be a great addition to a family committed to giving me the love and care I need.  In return, I will share my love and silly antics with them.

Lucy was adopted on October 6, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 68 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Not small ones; Cats: No; Kids: 13+
Availability: ADOPTED