I’m very heartbroken to inform you that Henry crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past Friday 11/29/2019. According to my records he was two months shy of 14…a long life!

He had been dealing with heart disease, old age and a sudden diagnosis of cancer in his lungs. With all that said he was happy and content and living a good life right up until the Saturday prior to his passing. We were able to perk him up for a few days prior to his passing and he really had a loving, active and food filled Wed and Thanksgiving Thursday. Family was around and he got an incredible send off. Couldn’t of asked for more.

Though I only had him for 6 years he made a huge impact on my life. He was always there, a signature velcro dog. He gave lots of love and demanded lots of love. He went with me most everywhere and was a true companion and maybe my best friend! I miss him dearly.

Henry was my second dog I adopted from Golden Bond (previously had Sally who was with me for 14 years) and I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I’ve always loved Goldens and hope to someday, when the time is right, again open my home and heart to another friend in need.

Thank you,


Lucero 2397Lucero (now called Henry) has been a great addition to my life, though I will admit it’s been a learning curve for both of us. He still seems to be a bit anxious sometimes and I still find myself wondering what it is he needs. Going from having a companion in my life for 13 years and having a routine down pat, to a new companion and reforming all those routines has been interesting. I will say that in these past several weeks, I’ve noticed that he’s started to really recognize some of his new patterns.

Henry turned eight on Feb 17th. You’d never know it as he’s full of energy. He loves to run. We’ve been jogging together and he likes to chase the ball, though is not overly focused on retrieving. Perfect!

He’s loves people and has to say hello to everyone he sees. Around the house he’s glued to me, always planted on the floor at my feet wherever I am. He’s very social with other dogs and likes to play, though can get a little too rambunctious. I’m not sure he’s had a lot of experience with other dogs and understands boundaries. I’m also unsure if he’s had a lot of experience walking on the leash. He’s fine and walks well but never stops to pee or poop or even sniff. I wonder if he previously lived exclusively in a back yard all by himself?

He gets along well with Kimber, they pretty much ignore each other, and he’s curious about Deb’s cat but seems to be okay with him.

Henry is already a devoted companion and a lot of fun.

Thank you,

Tony – Henry’s Dad.

Lucero, now Henry was adopted on December 12, 2013


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