Logan came to us at our home in Salem at about age 3.  He turned 9 this past June.  Logan was very well-trained and we will never forget his first visit.  We received in advance of his visit a list of hand signals and voice commands for Logan, and sure enough, he responded to all of them.






He was an amazing dog!  GBR had given Logan very good veterinary care and his medical issues were on the mend.  Logan was a tremendous addition to our family and quickly became very popular on the campus at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, where his “new Mom” served as president.



Logan started splitting his time between Salem and Seattle where we have a family home.  Logan joined the pack at the dog-friendly office where his Dad works in Seattle.

Because Logan was so well trained his Mom joined him to be officially certified as a therapy team through Project Canine.  Logan was the campus dog at Shoreline Community College in Seattle where his Mom now serves as president.

We lost our dog Logan on Sunday, September 2nd, in an unexpected accident at a local off-leash park in Seattle.  He stumbled while running, hit his head on a hard surface, and never moved again.   We rushed him to a local emergency pet hospital but he could not be revived.

Logan was truly part of the life of the College and touched many students, faculty, and staff in his travels around the campus.   A notification to the College was posted a few days ago:


Losing Logan in such a shocking and unexpected way has been hard on both of us.  The pain of this loss will soften over time but we will never be the same.  Logan brought joy to us everyone he met.   We have many wonderful memories of our time together…and we will always miss him.  Logan…Our Best Boy.