Lucy was my constant companion and even in her last moments at the vet’s those amazing eyes never left my face.  She was bright, funny and could “leap tall buildings in a single bound”!

She loved riding in the car and would alert us to any and all moving things. I can’t begin to describe her delightful personality fully.  She was much loved by the whole family and we are so grateful to Golden Bond for entrusting her to us.





Adopted June 2007

Little Lucy #1571We are so very happy with Little Lucy #571 and are pleased to announce her adoption.

Lucy came into our lives this past June. Golden Bond certainly found just the right dog for us and I think she feels the same. Her behavior has been absolutely perfect from the first day, with no problems of any kind.  She’s passed her vet check with flying colors and is rapidly adjusting to her new life.

Dogs have always been a big part of my life (especially Goldens), but I’ve never seen my husband become so attached to any dog. She’s charmed us both with her sweet friendly ways and we can’t imagine life without her.  She doesn’t seem to have anything unpleasant from her unknown past and is always good natured and lively.

We can’t thank Golden Bond and all of its representatives enough. Everyone has been kind and helpful and made the adoption process very pleasant. Thank you Golden Bond for our delightful Lucy!