My name is Koda (#4056) and I am a fantastic Goldendoodle! I am sweet and smart and handsome! I love to play with my foster sister and I gaze longingly at the other dogs at the park because I want to go play with them too. I used to live with my family but my main person went off to college so they rest of the family thought it best if I move to a place where I would get lots of attention. I would like that.

I get along great with all dogs, if they are nice, and possibly cats. I don’t get on the furniture and I have never had an accident in the house. Even though my nose is almost even with the kitchen counter, I would never take anything off the counter. I walk nicely on a leash even though my foster mom puts a front clip collar on me.

I like to chase balls and Frisbees and I like to swim and I like to run fast! I would really like to have a family who goes on interesting adventures. I would like to go to the dog park or an open field every day and run and chase a ball. I am ready to enrich your life and there’s a bonus: I don’t shed!

Here’s a message from my foster mom:

Hi, this is Koda’s foster mom. All of the above is accurate, Koda is a great boy. He is on the passive side and does get scared of loud noises or surprises. He will startle and come near you. He would easily give up his food or a toy to a more assertive dog. I make sure he has finished eating before I leave the kitchen. Koda is very healthy and fit. He is at a perfect weight of 60 pounds. He runs and jumps around, any hesitancy to get into a car or up the stairs is about inexperience rather than mobility. Koda rides well in a car but reportedly can get car sick on winding roads. He has been to Colorado in the car with me and was never sick.

Koda is a happy boy, open to all adventures, hikes, swimming, dog park play, etc. He loves to get out and explore. Once inside, he is calm and quiet. He loves the kids next door and wants to chase the balls they throw but is tall and bounces around with it. He hasn’t knocked anyone over but he is a little frightening to the inexperienced 10 and 7 year old kids. Koda doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

Koda is mostly quiet but sometimes barks when he hears the neighbor dog bark. He quiets when I reassure him. Koda prefers to sleep downstairs even though my golden and I sleep upstairs. Sometimes he will go into the back bedroom and sleep on the dog bed there rather than be in the living room with me. He is not a Velcro dog. He has the potential to learn a variety of commands. Koda is completely house-trained and can be left at home. He would love a young, playful, nonassertive brother or sister. He is ready to go and will bring real joy to a family.


Sex: Male
Age: 4 years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? yes