I’ve waited awhile to post this because it’s been so difficult. I lost my beloved Jack (GBR 2010) on June 1st to hemangiosarcoma.

He was the sweetest boy and the best hugger. He loved to fetch and swim and to know him was to love him.



I adopted him from GBR in 2010 and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. I miss him terribly and though his life was cut short (he had just turned 10) I’m so very grateful to have had this sweet soul in my life. He made the cover of the 2012 GBR calendar along with his friend GBR Buddy.










Adopted May 15, 2010

Jack 2010Hi!  My name is Jack, also known as One-eyed Jack, as I only have one eye.  That doesn’t stop me one bit!  I love to play fetch and I have no trouble finding the ball.  I also love to swim and play with my friends at doggie day care, where my mom takes me when she has to work.  I really love to give hugs…I know it’s bad to jump on people but I’m really gentle and I’ll put my front legs around your waist and give you a big squeeze.  My mom is working with me on the concept of being invited to give a hug.  It’s so hard, I just can’t help myself.  I just love people!  My mom has also given me my own spot on the couch, plus I can sleep with her on the bed whenever I want.  I also have lots of chew toys to play with and I love to carry them in my mouth when I come to greet you.

I went to live with my mom when I was about a year old and I only weighed 55 lb.  I didn’t seem to put on weight and the vet thought I was a little too thin.  I was diagnosed with “irritable bowel disease” after some tests and now I eat a special food.  I put on weight right away and now I weigh a healthy 66 lb. My mom and I both want to thank Golden Bond Rescue for helping us find each other. I got a good home where I’m safe and loved and my mom got a great, fun-loving companion.