It’s probably hard to imagine your life without your pet. While pets areloyal companions that fill a special place in your heart, they also make messes in the carpet, chew slippers, and scatter hair and dander wherever they roam. A clean home that includes pets takes some extra consideration and work, but it’s completely doable. With the right supplies, a plan, and a cleaning schedule, you’ll be set for a clean home and a happy pet. 


Keep Your Pet Clean and Groomed

A clean home starts with a clean pet. Regular grooming by you and/or a professional can help with shedding and trimming to make home maintenance easier. Most pets need some kind of regular bathing schedule. You don’t want to use commercial shampoos too often as they can dry out the skin, but a regular bathing will remove deep dirt and keep odors down. In between bathings, you can use plain water to rinse paws and keep your pet’s coat or fur shiny.

Stock Up On the Right Supplies

With your pet clean, it’s time to turn your attention to the upkeep of your home. You can’t do that without the right supplies.

  • Dry mop: These mops have replaceable and sometimes washable heads that attract dust, hair, and dander for quick removal. Many models have wet or dry heads so you can handle different kinds of messes. These mops are fantastic for daily maintenance in between deeper cleanings.
  • Wet mop: Wet mops are meant for the heavy scrubbing with either rag or sponge heads. These models also require, and may come with, a mop bucket. Pick one with wheels for better mobility. Depending on the number of pets you have, you may only need to use this mop once every two weeks. But large pets that make a big mess or multi-pet homes may need a once or twice a week schedule.
  • Pet-Specific Vacuums: Pet vacuums are designed with HEPA filters to remove and filter the tiniest of dander and dust particles. They’re also made to attract and remove pet hair.
  • Extras: A hand or stick vacuum, dust rags or wands, and deodorizers are also a good idea to have on hand for quick spills and occasional accidents.

Guard Your Entrances (from Dirt)

Mats on the outside and inside of your home give you a chance to remove dirt from your pet’s (and your) paws before entering the home. The more dirt you can prevent from entering, the less of it you’ll have to remove. Keep a rag by the door or have an entrance that’s set up for quick rinses or baths on days your pet’s outings get particularly dirty.

Don’t Forget to Dust

Pet messes aren’t limited to the floor and furniture. Fur and dander float in the air to land on almost any surface, which makes regular dusting a vital part of keeping your home clean. Dust wands with replaceable heads help you get into hard to reach areas. However, a rag will do in a pinch. Wipe down any flat surface even in areas your pet doesn’t frequent.

Tackle Accidents Fast

Accidents happen. Clean them up as soon as possible to prevent stains or lingering odors. Odor removing cleaners and sprays can prevent your home from smelling like a kennel. Be sure to walk your pet and give him plenty of time outside to relieve himself. Remember, cats prefer clean kitty litter so keep it fresh to encourage litter box use.


Pets enrich lives, making them brighter, fuller, and richer. When your routine includes cleaning pet messes as they happen, your home will be clean and welcoming for people and pets alike.

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