In Honor of Tahoe

Tahoe was resilient from day one; born in China, the runt with a broken tail. She was named Honor by her incredibly kind-hearted rescuers and was flown to Portland around 8-10 weeks old. We got her around 12 weeks old; malnourished and smaller than our cat but rambunctious and ready to play with everything.

Tahoe beat up all the boys and never gave up in a play fight. She was your typical crazy puppy and tore up/ate everything, including our carpet, the couch, cash, countless sandwiches and burritos, a 14 hour smoked pork shoulder, but surprisingly not very many shoes! Her infamous time in being in “the cone of shame” proved her wild side even more where she literally used that thing as a shovel and we had to duct tape that thing back together! She was spayed at that time and that’s when we learned there was something wrong with her kidneys.

Just after her first birthday she was diagnosed with Renal Dysplasia. We were told she likely wouldn’t have a long life and would die from kidney failure. She never once showed any weakness or struggle until the very end. Casey and I never heard her whine or whimper in pain. She was tough as nails, a badass girl and most of all a rebellious daddy’s girl!

We were very lucky to have her for the time that we did, she became a very special part of our family. We will miss her so much, a very big part of our lives gone. I know Casey will miss trying to find his shoes before work in the morning that she’d hid the night before. I will miss her presence and her as my shadow everywhere I go. We will miss spending hours playing fetch at the lake and paddle boarding with her.

She was perfect in every way and I’m not sure we could love another dog more!

We will miss you Tahoe girl, and we are so sorry that your life was short but you rocked it better than any other dog could have! We love you T!





Honor was adopted on August 9, 2017