Here is Mickey’s Story

Mickey 2380Mickey came to GBR as a stray from a shelter. The shelter noted that Mickey seemed to have impaired vision and was a spinner. Mickey has been evaluated by two vets, a canine ophthalmologist and a professional trainer. Bottom line is that Mickey’s eyes are fine but the part of his brain that interprets what the eyes receive is faulty. The brain/vision issue causes Mickey to have unique behaviors, such as spinning/circling to the left, lack of depth perception and being extremely near-sighted.

 Mickey has been in a foster home but needs to be moved because Mickey treats his foster Golden brother as a giant chew toy. This behavior is displayed almost exclusively with other male dogs. He treats female dogs with much more respect. Also, because of the vigorous shaking he gives his toys, Mickey should not go to a home with small dogs or cats. 

 Mickey is crate-trained and sleeps through the night in his crate. He has progressed a lot with his leash manners and with the aid of a walking harness, he is getting better everyday. Mickey likes people, but needs a few seconds to adjust to them. He can be mouthy, but quickly responds to a high-pitched “eek” sound. 

 Mickey is not a high-energy dog but does need regular normal exercise, as any dog. Two walks a day work well.  Because of his poor eyesight, he cannot track a ball in order to play fetch. 

 The professional trainer that has evaluated Mickey has written up her recommendations on how to proceed. We would ask that his new foster home agree to continue with working with a trainer.

If you feel you can help Mickey by being his foster home until GBR can find him his forever home, please contact GBR at