I am Gigi (#3760).  I arrived here as of October 28 from So. Korea.  I am a gentle girl at a nice weight of 49 pounds, so the vet says. As for breed, I’m sort of a “Heinz 57” as my coloring is that of a German Shepherd but my fur is more like a soft-coated Wheaton Terrier.  My foster mom often calls me “magnificent” as I am the most perfect foster her family has ever had.  So here are my pros and cons:


#1 Housebroken – totally, #2 Quiet – may do a little whining when outside and see a squirrel but have never barked even on Halloween when the doorbell rang constantly, #3 Gentle, especially when taking food by hand, #4 Dog friendly – no trouble blending with other dogs (one of the other dogs in my foster home is about my size but the other is only ten pounds and I play with both nicely, #5 Leash manners – do well on a leash, except when out and see a squirrel so need to have good control of me as I will bolt, #6 Not a fussy eater – I eat well and am now getting used to American dog snacks and have found those to be quite good, #6 People pleaser – I don’t fear or back away from strangers and will accept being petted but at first mostly on cheeks and under chin, #7 Sharing toys – I’ve never showed any possessiveness when other dogs play with toys, maybe I never had toys as I just stare at them, #8 Sharing snacks – I can be given treats right next to other dogs and the most I do (since I am the largest) is try to get my big head in front to get the next one but with a gentle push and being told it’s not my turn I just back off, #9 Submissive – no tendency to be the Alpha as I am pretty laid back, #10 Manageable – I like my harness better than being pulled by the collar as that sort of freaks me out but using the harness to get me to move feels more humane and I wear it 24 hours without any problem.


#1 Recall – need more work on recall, perhaps just getting my name down and coming when called, #2 Crates – not thrilled with having to go into the crate to sleep but with encouragement I will and then settle in immediately, #3 Being indoors – it is possible I was an outside dog as I really like to be outdoors and will sit like a statue for a long time just waiting to see a squirrel, #4 Escaping – can easily find my way to get to what I consider a safe, quiet spot which in the foster home is under the deck outside so make sure escape routes are secured,  #5 – Independence – quite independent and not clingy so until I get used to the family I tend to go to a quiet room and just sleep alone but with feeling familiar I will stay out but not always in the same room as my people

I hope you agree with me that my pros far outweigh my cons and will therefore consider making me part of your family.


Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown