Don’t Let Your Golden Rescue Leave Home Without One

by Jill Groves

I want to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about a product I’ve been trialing for a few months and Golden Bond Rescue will be using on all their foster dogs – PET NOTIFY.

First of all, Pet Notify is NOT a GPS device and neither is it a replacement for microchips. What is it then? Pet Notify is a tag that is assigned to one specific dog and is then registered with Pet Notify. What makes this different than a microchip? A few things: 1. You control the information about your dog; 2. You set up alarms within the system to notify you or whomever is on your notification list; 3. Via the Pet Notify phone app, it knows when you’re away from home and your dog is home without you; 4. You can include your dogs’ medical records; and 5. You control who is contacted if your dog is lost and then found.

This is how I’ve been using Pet Notify. When I have a dog sitter, I set up a notification to contact my sitter to remind her/him that one of my dogs should have been given his daily medication. Another option I use frequently is using the system to track that I have returned from a walk with my dog. If I don’t return in the set amount of time (I can easily change it via my phone app), Pet Notify will begin contacting the people I put in my notification list. The message I set up will actually tell my notification list where the dogs and I were going to walk. I can keep all my dogs’ medical records in Pet Notify as well.

We all know that microchips can fail and that they can drift. If one of my dogs is lost and then found, the Finder can access my lost dog’s information and know that he is diabetic, that he is shy, what medication he is on, what food he is fed and who his vet is. I also have my contact information as well as back up contacts. I don’t have to wait until the Finder thinks about taking my dog to a vet to have him scanned. The Pet Notify tag on my dog’s collar will provide the Finder with a website where my dog’s tag number can be entered.

It’s a very exciting product and I hope you will take advantage of their very generous offer which will help support GBR AND give that extra protection for your dog. The tags cost $14.99 (of which GBR will receive 100%). The monthly fee after the introductory two-free months is $4.99. Here is another great benefit: if you have multiple dogs like I do, you can have all your dogs listed under one account so the monthly fee will still be only $4.99.

Follow this link and sign up to get your tag and begin giving your dog a better chance to get back to you if lost:


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